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How We Make shower Stalls Completely Private

A Quick Ship Solid Plastic Toilet PartitionsIf you need a shower stall that offers complete privacy and comfort to your users, call XPB Locker Supply.  Using customized partitions, we can build a completely enclosed personal space for each shower occupant.  We have design options for both budgeted projects and high-end projects.  Shower fixtures and accessories can also be purchased either from a budgeted or a high-end perspective, and all stall interiors can be specified and accessorized for full ADA compliance. 


The first step to making shower stalls completely private is to choose a layout.  Because shower enclosures are built using solid plastic partitions, the same layouts used to configure an array of toilet stalls can be used to build a shower facility.  Of course, the interiors of these stalls are going to be very different than restroom stalls.  Shower heads and shower accessories will either be components of individual panels, or they are subdivided, individual segments of a group shower array.  The stall can extend from a corner, be situated between two walls, or they can be build freestanding along a section of wall. 


Shower stalls are then manufactured from solid plastic panels and pilasters mountedColumn in the floor-mounted, overhead braced configuration.   This is where we begin making some modifications in order to make shower enclosures completely private.  Typically, toilet stalls are built using panels that measure 55 in height.  These standard panels will not work because they leave a disquieting 12 gap between the bottom of the panel and the floor.  Our relationship with Bradley Corporation allows us to have these panels custom manufactured at a height of 72.  These are mounted to supporting plastic pilasters that nominally measure 82 in height in the overhead braced configuration.  This customization results in shower enclosure walls that extend all the way down to the floor. 


The front of the shower can be rendered completely private with one of two options.  The cost-effective option is to configure shower stall partitions with an overhead rod that supports a shower curtain.  This is often the choice among organizations that are building showers on a tight budget who need to cut costs on partition materials.  In most instances, people are comfortable with the level of privacy that the shower curtain affords them.  An even greater level of privacy, however, is available to organizations that seek to provide their users with a level of privacy equivalent to that of their own home bathroom.  This option involves the installation of custom 72 doors that are configured for no site privacy.


No site privacy is created when we install a door jamb on the pilaster interior.  This door jamb extends outward a good half inch or more in order to completely seal off the stall interior.  This design developed in Europe in order to deal once and for all with the unsettling gap which has always existed between the partition door and the partition pilaster.  By closing this gap, and by extending the vertical dimensions of stalls and panels, there is absolutely no line of site into the stall from any vantage point. 


Partitions - Solid Plastic - Floor Mounted Overhead BracedPilaster shoes are stainless steel, and further shower stall customization is possible by upgrading hardware from hardware to all.  Standard brackets that attach to room walls are continuous channel and reinforce privacy by blocking off any potential site gap. 

XPB Lockers carries a wide variety commercial industrial sinks, commercial bathroom equipment, commercial outdoor furniture, bleachers, and industrial warehouse equipment delivered nationwide. If you can not find what you are looking for call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including New Orleans, La., Cleveland, Ohio, Kansas City, Mo., Mesa, Arizona, Virginia Beach, Va., Omaha, Nebraska, Oakland, California, Miami, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Houston, TX, Arlington, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Denton, TX, McKinney, Texas, Midland, TX, Killeen, Texas, ALBQ, NYC, LA, MPLS.

This article was published on Tuesday 30 October, 2012.

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