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Metal Benches

Metal benches are made of steel.  A special coating known as Thermoplastic® protects the steel from the weather, accidental damage, and deliberate vandalism.Metal benches are made of steel.  A special coating known as Thermoplastic® protects the steel from the weather, accidental damage, and deliberate vandalism.

Each bench is manufactured in one of 6 unique construction styles.  These styles range from the popular diamond pattern, the expanded metal pattern, the perforated metal pattern, the rod style, the wire style, and the welded style.  Most styles are made using 11-gauge steel, whereas the rod style features one half inch steel rods.


Selection of style should be based primarily upon aesthetics.

Essentially speaking, all 6 design types can easily support the weight of their intended occupants.  However, the way a bench looks in relation to its surroundings is always important.  On a practical level, the most important thing to pay attention to is not style but the way in which the bench is mounted. 


There are three ways to mount a metal bench.

The portable mount allows a bench to basically sit on any surface and be moved at will whenever convenient.  This is highly practical for a facility that has time to move the bench and store it in a safe location, but if time and storage are lacking, the likelihood of theft is high, if not imminent.


Surface mounted benches are much more secure.  They anchor directly to a concrete surface by bolts that fasten the feet of the bench to the concrete.  Theft is minimized because it takes a great deal of effort, plus special tools, to loosen these bolts and carry the bench off.   


In-Ground mounted benches are almost impossible to steal because they are literally embedded underground with leg extensions called J-Rods.  The J-Rods are attached to the legs of the bench and inserted in holes that are filled with wet concrete.  The concrete hardens and sets the entire structure firmly in the earth.   


Any organizations seeking to add value, style, comfort, and utility to their facilities canMetal Benches, Outdoor Metal Bench, Commercial Metal Benches, Park Bench Factory Direct benefit from metal benches.

By providing employees with comfortable outdoor seating, organizations maintain a higher level of morale.  By providing clients and guests with more amenities, organizations increase their chances of renewed businesses.  Also, by providing people with limited mobility with comfort and rest, facilities also avoid potential liabilities that could result from trips or falls. 


Typically they are most frequently found at the entrances to park trails and park headquarters.  People often sit in these areas to relax before going indoors for a nature presentation or before they hike down a trail.  Sometimes parents wait for their kids here.

School playgrounds have them for kids who get tired, and for teachers who supervise kids at play, Commercial break areas have them for smokers and for people eating lunch outside.

Restaurants provide them for people who need to wait for a table and prefer to sit outside.

Most retailers now provide metal benches for people who are waiting for a loved one to finish shopping.  , Transportation centers have also found public seating to be invaluable for travelers waiting to board the next bus or commuter train.  Many airports also have them now in the outdoor passenger pickup areas. 


In reference to aesthetics, metal benches can look superb in relation to any architecture, natural setting, or landscaping design.

Thanks to 6 unique design styles, and thanks to 16 colors ranging from basic primary colors to chic, custom colors, there is something to match any building, natural area, or any developed outdoor setting ranging from the traditional to the ultra contemporary. 


XPB Lockers carries a wide variety of commercial mailboxes, lockers, outdoor furniture, commercial lavatories and bleachers delivered nationwide. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us toll free at 1-877-483-9270 and we will be pleased to help find it for you. Our home office is located in New Braunfels, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois, Baltimore, Maryland, Houston, Texas, Amarillo, TX, Brownsville, Texas, Grand Prairie, TX, Pasadena, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Salisbury, N.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Boston, Massachusetts, Salt Lake City, Utah, Billings, Montana, Tulsa Oklahoma, and Los Angeles, California.

This article was published on Wednesday 05 January, 2011.

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