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Washroom Partitions for Pool Facilities

June 27th, 2014 by

Washroom-PartitionsWhat types of washroom partitions do pool centers prefer?
Typically they prefer solid plastic partitions or partitions made from phenolic core. Phenolic core is remarkably durable, so this makes it ideal for high traffic environments like large churches, schools, universities, or civic centers. It is also bacterial resistant, so it can be used to build shower stalls in pool centers that not only provide swimmers with public restrooms, but showers and lockers as well.

What are the most important features of washroom partitions for pool centers?
The key advantage that both of these materials offer is an impervious resistance to moisture absorption. Pool centers are typically high humidity environments. Plastic laminate is not a good choice because humidity will build up over time underneath the layer of plastic on the surface, causing it to form bubbles as the water droplets displace it from the core. Baked enamel is a painted material, and paint can be damaged by wet clothes hanging on the partition.

In the event that washroom partitions are vandalized, baked enamel will need to be repainted, and it may possibly be scratched toToilet-Stalls-For-Locker-Rooms the core to the extent that the marring cannot be completely covered up. Solid plastic, on the other hand, is a contiguously colored, non-painted substance. It is very hard to dent or scratch, but even if it is damaged, a simple kit and heat gun can be used to remove scratches and dents from the surface.

Which is a better investment: solid plastic or phenolic core washroom partitions?
That depends on the risk of vandalism, how large your budget is, and whether you intend to install showers in your restroom. Since plastic is easier to repair when vandalized, smaller pool centers will typically go this route. Larger facilities with a lower risk of vandalism tend to go with phenolic because it is super hygienic and GREENGUARD Certified.

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Lighthouse for the Blind

June 20th, 2014 by

Employee-Metal-LockersProject Overview

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind contacted XPB Locker and scheduled the installation of metal lockers for their new facility.  This facility provides training, independent living assistance, and a variety of jobs for visually impaired persons.  One portion of this facility was a 4500 square foot work area dedicated to the manufacturing of components used in the aerospace industry.  XPB  Locker was the preferred vendor awarded the project because of our reputation for rapid, error-free, and affordable turnkey installation services which we provide to clients throughout Texas.

Metal Lockers-Features, Advantages, Benefits

The primary advantage that SALB found in this particular line of lockers was storage volume.  With an 18 inch depth, combined with a six foot height and 15 inch width, the lockers provided workers with plenty of storage space.  Since these employees were working in manufacturing, it was necessary to provide them with storage units in which they could hang extra sets of clothing, organize personal items. and secure their valuables.  This particular line of products comes with three hooks for hanging clothes–two on the wall, and one in the ceiling–and one shelf.  While the lockers can be built with optional built in combination locks, SALB decided to use personal locks that were easier for visually impaired persons to use. Request A Quote

Location and Details of Installation

We installed a total of three rows of metal lockers in the 4500 square foot manufacturing area.  Two rows were located along the walls to either side of the entrance.  The third row was located along the back wall.  The most important aspect of the installation was to ensure that none of the doors stuck when closed.  Since this was a new construction, both the flooring and the wall were sufficiently level to facilitate a seamless installation without incident.


Commercial Bathroom Sinks

June 18th, 2014 by

Commercial-Bathroom-SinksOur Commercial Bathroom Sinks meet the demands of today’s users while keeping your company in compliance. Always at the forefront of product innovation, these bathroom sinks are available in a wide range of style to enhance any bathroom. Whether you are looking to update and remodel your existing restroom or add a new restroom to a new or growing facility, we are here to help!Request A Quote


Personalized Outdoor Benches

June 16th, 2014 by

Personalized-Outdoor-Metal-BenchesOur Personalized Outdoor Benches are found at college universities, elementary schools, high schools and any facility that wants to add a custom touch to their outdoor benches. These metal benches are made to last through inclement weather conditions. Adding your custom logo to your facility helps make your outdoor scenery pop and brings the viewer sight into using your metal bench. There are sixteen colors to choose from and as long as eight foot benches. Call us or visit XPB Locker & Supply for great customer service in finding the best personalized outdoor bench for your facility. Request A Quote


Toilet Paper Dispensers

June 10th, 2014 by

Dual-Jumbo-Roll-Toilet-Paper-DispenserShould we install recessed toilet paper dispensers or surface mounted dispensers?

In most cases, the additional expense of cutting out a section of your wall in which to mount a recessed unit really isn’t justified.  Surface mounted units are far easier, and also more cost-effective, to install in the average public facility.

This is not to say, however, that you should immediately dismiss recessed models altogether.  If you have a very small restroom, you may need to invest in recessed units that offer maximum space saving value.  Just keep in mind that the cost of mounting the units will be higher, if you have to cut holes in the wall or partition to mount them.

Should we install controlled delivery or non-controlled delivery toilet paper dispensers?

Most users prefer non-controlled delivery over controlled delivery.  Few people really appreciate having their toilet paper divided into little squares for them.  The primary advantage that controlled delivery units offer your organization is a certain amount of vandal resistance.  Miscreants are less likely to trash a restroom with toilet paper if they can only remove a limited amount at a time.

Controlled delivery toilet paper dispensers are most often used in public schools and other public facilities that are designed for Surface-Mounted-Toilet-Paper-Dispensersmaller children.  Adult facilities are better accommodated with non-controlled dispensers that allow people to choose the amount of paper they use.  Another thing to remember when selecting a unit is accessibility.  ADA regulations mandate that non-controlled dispensers are to be used in handicapped restroom stalls.

How many rolls should the unit contain?

This depends on how often your maintenance staff can refill the units.  In a high traffic environment, such as a large church, amusement park, or public transportation facility, you should consider investing in toilet paper dispensers that hold anywhere from 2 to 4 rolls of paper.  You should also consider investing in multiple roll units if you contract maintenance services to a third party.  If your cleaning crew only visits your building 3 or 4 times per week, then multiple rolls offer a better assurance against users running out of paper.

Is it better to buy large roll toilet paper dispensers?

Yes, if you have the wall or partition space to support a larger unit.  If not, regular sized rolls in a multiple roll configuration are preferable.  Low traffic restrooms, like the ones found in small office parks, typically only require single roll dispensers.  Request A Quote


Enclosed Outdoor Safety Showers

June 5th, 2014 by

Outdoor-Enclosed-Safety-ShowerAn enclosed outdoor safety shower combines privacy with immediate relief from contaminants that can severely damage both skin and eyes.  This offers an clear advantage over indoor eyewash and drench showers that require injured workers to enter the building and delay washing off the contaminants while they search for an indoor unit.  Such delays can compound the dangers posed by the contaminating agents.  It is far better to offer workers an outdoor unit that will allow them to privately disrobe and immediately begin washing off contaminants.


Built from solid fiberglass that offers resistance against corrosion and climatic extremes, the enclosed outdoor safety shower is designed to offer relief in a wide range of environments and a diversity of industrial arenas.  Featuring a built-in water heater, the unit mixes hot water with cold water to produce a comfortable, ambient, tepid flow at a rate of 23 gallons per minute.  Workers can enter the structure, close the door for total privacy, and wash contaminants from both eyes and extremities.  Plumbing arrays combine a drench shower with an eyewash fountain for complete removal of all contaminants in situation where every second counts.  Not only is the tepid water more comfortable for injured workers, it is also mandated per ANSI Z238.1 regulations.


The enclosed outdoor safety shower unit is designed to be especially rugged due to its popularity in a wide range of geographic areas.  In the west, it can be reinforced against earthquakes with a Seismic 4 rating.  Along the southeast coast and the gulf coast, it can be reinforced against hurricanes or tropical storms with a wind load capacity of 150mph.  The fiberglass is protected with a gel-coating that blocks the majority of UV light in sunny desert and central plains environments.  An exceptional fire rating also makes the enclosed outdoor safety shower an excellent choice in facilities that utilize a large number of flammable components.

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Built to last as much as it is built to perform, the enclosed outdoor safety shower is a must have for any outdoor area near a refinery, chemical plant, mining facility, or construction site.  


Paper Towel Dispensers

June 3rd, 2014 by

Automatic-Paper-Towel-Hand-DispenserDon’t hand dryers do a better job of drying hands than paper towel dispensers?

The more sophisticated models do an excellent job of getting the hands dry.  However, there is more to consider here than simply drying hands.  Recent studies showed that while electric units effectively remove moisture from the skin, they do a very poor job of removing bacteria that are transmitted by touching surface areas inside the restroom.  If your organization caters to large group of people every day, or if you have a high percentage of children in your facility, you have to think about doing everything you can do minimize the risk of infection.  There was a time when paper towel dispensers were lauded as being far more sanitary than cloth towels on rollers.  Ironically, in spite of all the improvements in technology they are still the best means of minimizing disease transmission by touch.

What about the ongoing cost of refilling paper towel dispensers?

No doubt you already know that the per unit cost of a box of paper towels is not that expensive.  However, even smaller costs do add up over a period of months.  The overall cost to you is really going to depend on the volume of your restroom traffic. If hundreds, or even thousands, of users are passing through the restroom each day, then of course you are going to have to buy a lotLever-Push-Operated-Paper-Towel-Dispenser of refills.  You might want to offset this by installing electric dryers and paper towel dispensers side-by-side. This accommodates user preference on all levels.

Do paper towel dispensers break easily?

No.  The units we sell are made from stainless steel and are very difficult to damage.  The recessed models in particular are highly vandal resistant.  Electric hand dryers are motorized devices that become inoperable the moment the unit fails.  Replacing an electric unit with a damaged motor is far more expensive, too, than replacing a paper towel dispenser.

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See-Through Metal Lockers

June 2nd, 2014 by

Metal-See-Through-Locker-2 Tier-3 WideOur See-Through Metal Lockers provide unlimited content visibility with durable see-through acrylic door panels. The see-through storage locker also has lockable doors to secure contents within the locker. These industrial grade steel see-through lockers are great for retail, offices and recreational facilities. Keep your supplies visible, neat, organized, and secure with our see-through metal lockers.

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