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Commercial Bathroom Applications

July 28th, 2014 by

Commercial-Bathroom-ApplicationsXPB Locker supplies fixtures and accessories for all commercial bathroom applications.  We supply components for restroom stall construction.  We also fully accessorize ADA and standard toilet stalls.  We develop hand washing solutions for both industrial facilities and public facilities.  We fully accessorize wall and sink areas, and we publish design drawings with every quote.

Hand Washing Options for Commercial Bathroom Applications

  • Wash Fountains
  • Ideal for industrial environment because they wash contaminants off of forearms as well as hands
  • Save on water usage
  • Service multiple users at once

Multi-User Lavatories

  • Ideal for any public restroom
  • Water conservation features in most models
  • Some models are accessorized with soap dispensers, trash disposal, and electric water heaters
  • Touch free/hands free lines available
  • Solid state materials make them ideal for wet and humid commercial bathroom applications

Toilet Stall Partitions and Accessories

  • Solid Plastic, Stainless Steel, Steel Coated, Phenolic Core, Baked Enamel
  • Full range of mounting styles and restroom cubicle design configuration
  • ADA grab bars for ADA compliant stalls
  • Toilet paper dispensers for all commercial bathroom applications
  • Napkin dispensers for women’s restrooms

Full Inventory of Commercial Restroom Accessories

Commercial bathroom applications, regardless of the nature of the facility or the size of the restroom, require specific accessoriesCommercial-Bathroom-Locker-Room-Applications to accommodate user health, safety, and comfort.  Some of our more notable products include, but are not limited, to the following lines:

  • All types of soap dispensers, ranging from the very simple to the highly ornate
  • Paper towel dispensers that are super vandal resistant
  • Anti-ligature mirrors that are vandal and theft resistant
  • Anti-ligature shower stall accessories for restrooms with built in showers
  • Hand dryers as an alternative or addition to paper towel dispensers
  • Combo paper towel and trash disposal units

XPB Lockers develops design drawings with all commercial bathroom applications quotes.  In Texas, we can also install the products we sell as a turnkey service requested by the client. 

Design and Turnkey Installations

Before you purchase anything for your commercial bathroom applications, we help you plan things out so you know exactly what you need.  We study your floor plan and building design to determine what types of fixtures will best work with your restroom.  We consider the number of users you anticipate, and we calculate the risk of damage resulting from wear, tear, and possible vandalism.

Your quote will include a design drawing you can visually reference, and if you live in Texas, we can also install the partitions, fixtures, and accessories that we supply you with.

Commercial Bathroom Stall Partitions

Perhaps the most universal of all commercial bathroom applications is the construction of standard and ADA compliant toilet stalls.  Commercial Restroom Partitions has a full selection of panel types, mounting options, and stall accessories for the construction of handicapped, ambulatory, or standard toilet stalls.  Partitions options include solid plastic, phenolic core, stainless steel, steel coated, and baked enamel.

Commercial-Restroom-ApplicationsFull Inventory of Commercial Restroom Accessories

Accessories are essential to all forms of commercial bathroom applications.  Wall areas, sink areas, and toilet stalls must be properly accessorized to maximize user convenience and comfort.  In some environments, vandal resistance and anti-ligature functionality are also required to fulfill restroom design specifications.  Most facilities, too, must have ADA compliant toilet stalls, fixtures, and accessories to properly service physically challenged individuals.

Some of our more commonly installed accessories for commercial bathroom applications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Soap dispensers, including ADA compliant models
  • Paper towel dispensers- both decorative and utilitarian models that include built in trash cans
  • Toilet tissue dispensers-simple dual mounts, spring loaded, and multi-combo “giant” roll models for wall mounting or partition mounting
  • Mirrors, including anti-ligature and theft resistant models hand dryers-a great alternative to paper towels

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Installing Restroom Accessories for Dynamic Industries

July 21st, 2014 by

Bathroom-Accessories-For-Public-RestroomsProject Summary

XPB Locker recently was contracted by a company by the name of Dynamic Industries to act as a vendor and installer of commercial restroom accessories.  Dynamic Industries offers a number of fabrication, manufacturing, and construction services to offshore oil companies.  A new facility, which has the ability to monitor and remotely control oil flow, is being constructed in Gonzalez, TX.  This facility features a men’s restroom in the shop area, and a men’s and a women’s restroom in the office area.

As we do throughout the state of Texas, XPB Locker both supplied and installed both commercial restroom accessories and restroom partitions.

Commercial Restroom Accessories Spotlight

Toilet Tissue Dispensers

In all three restrooms, we installed cost effective, durable toilet tissue dispensers.  These particular units are surface mounted to the partitions and hold two rolls each, one on top of the other.

Grab Bars

In the office area restrooms, we had to install ADA compliant stalls as well as standard stalls.  ADA regulations stipulate that grab bars be installed on both sides of the toilet to allow disabled persons to maneuver within the stalls.Restroom-Accessories-For-Public-Facilities

Napkin Disposal

These disposal units for feminine products are often offered to companies as commercial restroom accessories for women’s restrooms.

Paper Towel Dispensers

We installed paper towel dispensers that feature a decorative look and a fine satin finish.  In the shop unit, we recommended a more utilitarian model that combines a trash can with the paper towel dispenser in an single assembly.

Soap Dispensers

Horizontal style soap dispensers, which are also ADA compliant, were mounted over the sink in all three restrooms.


While theft and vandalism were not an issue for Dynamic Industries, we recommended mirrors typically used for this purpose because of the way they mount nearly flush to the wall.

Commercial-Bathroom-AccessoriesRestroom Partitions

We constructed ADA compliant and standard stalls in the office restrooms and standard stalls in the shop restroom.  We used baked enamel partitions to save on cost because vandalism and humidity are not an issue in this facility.Request A Quote


Custom School Insignia Bench

July 15th, 2014 by

School-Insignia-BenchesGreet your students and campus visitors with a custom school insignia bench.  Make it a point to seat them in something that is not only comfortable, but also attractive and dedicated to the best and brightest themes, beliefs, institutions, and individuals of you local community.  Built to last a long time and take a beating from a variety of extremes in temperature, rain, and wind, these bench designs offer you a lasting investment in commemoration and accommodation.  We have a wide range of color and size options that will allow you to match your custom school insignia bench with any surrounding environment.  While all styles of benches work, to some degree, wherever you install them, we have conveniently grouped them as follows into athletic and non-athletic lines.

Player Benches for Athletic Departments

Perforated Roll Formed Design

Both practical and functional

Easy to install

4,5, or 6 foot models available

Angle Iron Design

Thermoplastic coating makes it heat an UV resistant

Variety of sizes and colors

U-shaped, backless custom school insignia bench designs also available

Works indoors as well as outdoors


Designs for Maximum Comfort

Northgate Design

  • The most ‘park like” of custom school insignia bench designs
  • 4 sizes, 16 colors
  • straight back
  • superior armrests
  • great for students and older persons alike

The Perforated Roll Formed Design

  • weather resistant to sun, wind, rain, and coldCustom-Perforated-Insignia-Players-Bench
  • Extra sturdy legs
  • This style of custom school insignia bench works exceptionally well in atrium, garden, or small wooded areas on secondary and college campuses.

A custom school insignia bench can be used to celebrate your school logo, commemorate a local individual, or send an inspirational message to the student body.  Perhaps the most thoughtful use of these benches, however, is to address the tragic loss of a young person who was taken from his or her peers far too early in life.  Insignia benches make for ideal memorials that keep the memory of long lost students alive for generations of students to come.    Request A Quote


What types of Outdoor Metal Benches are ADA Compliant???

July 2nd, 2014 by

ADA-Compliant-Diamond-Pattern-Metal-BenchOur Metal Roll Form Benches with Back Rests and Arms in 6 foot and 8 foot lengths meet the qualifications for ADA Compliance for the America’s Disability Act.

Bench legs must be cast and bolted onto the bench.
Solid reinforcements are located below the bench seat to add support and these benches are manufactured to hold up to 250 lbs per linear foot.
Armrests are used to help handicapped individuals to assist with their balance while moving from the standing to sitting position onto the bench.Wheelchair-Accessible-Outdoor-Metal-Benches

These benches must be Surface Mounted or In Ground Mounted in order to meet full compliance for ADA qualifications.

For more information on Commercial ADA Benches including ADA Locker Room Benches, XPB Lockers offers a full line of Made in America, Commercial Metal Benches for Outdoor and Indoor applications.Request A Quote