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Archive for April, 2015

Commercial Bathroom Lavatories

April 29th, 2015 by

Commercial-Bathroom-LavatoriesFrom the very practical to the high design environment,  XPB Locker’s lavatory system line offers a variety of configurations and styles with options for faucet and soap system bundles that address any commercial restroom application.

Commercial bathroom lavatories require standard or modified countertops or lavatory decks in lieu of commercial sinks and sink systems, in both new construction and reconstruction, these lavatory counter tops and decks are the industry design to meet all building code requirements for your commercial bathroom.Commercial-Bathroom-Lavatory-Systems

Commercial Bathroom Lavatories can be ordered with infrared, no-touch faucets.  These controls are another vandal resistant measure because they automatically shut the unit off after 30-45 seconds of flow.  Most systems also regulate water flow to .5 GMP to meet guidelines of the Department of Energy Conservation.Request A Quote


Best Installation for Custom Metal Benches

April 9th, 2015 by

Mounting-Styles-For-Custom-Metal-BenchesThe best construction in the world and the most artistic personalization won’t mean a thing if your bench isn’t secured in place. Some indoor areas might not be at risk. But nearly any outdoor location could leave an unsecured bench prone to theft. At XPB Lockers, we offer different anchor options for different situations, which you can see for yourself with our Multiocolor Personalized Diamond Pattern Bench. For concrete and other solid materials, a surface-mount bolt anchor keeps benches sturdy. If the custom metal benches rest on the ground, our J-bolt anchor system uses a combination of concrete and bolts. Benches can be simple and utilitarian, or they can be one more element of a larger marketing plan.

Custom, personalized metal benches have the choices that you need to design something special, and XPB Lockers can make it all happen. Give XPB Lockers a call today at 1-877-483-9270 for a free quote and to talk about your personalization options. With the range of customizable metal benches in our inventory, we have something that will work perfectly for your project.

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