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Archive for August, 2015

USPS Approved Community Mailboxes

August 30th, 2015 by

USPS-Approved-Community-MailboxesAny USPS Approved Community Mailboxes that will be used in the U.S. need to meet or exceed the requirements set by the U.S. Postal Service. The U.S.P.S. regularly updates their mail receptacle requirements, but the local postmaster may also have special ones for certain locations.

Because most community mailboxes are mounted or installed outdoors, resistance to the elements and harsh weather extremes is a must. Durable metal, such as aluminum, that resists rust and finishes that offer additional protection keep the unit safe from damage so that it can keep residents’ mail secure.

Our 13-Door Cluster Mail Box Unit with Parcel Locker has a weather protection flap, and the corrosion-resistant fabrication gets additional protection from one of 6 different powder coated finishes. You can choose from sandstone, bronze, black, green, white, or gray. Optional pedestals have the same fabrication and finish choices.

Secure Locking Mechanisms
Locks might keep honest people honest, but they also help keep dishonest people from tampering with the mail. Community mailboxes need a means for postal carriers to access the interior and deposit or collect mail without compromising the security.

Our 8-Door Cluster Mail Box Unit with Parcel Locker has a heavy-duty 5-pin cylinder cam lock to keep the mail safe and sound. The front access features master locking panels, which means mail carriers can open all of them, but each user only has access to his or her own box.Request A Quote



Rest Stop Bathroom Stalls

August 26th, 2015 by

Rest-Stop-Bathroom-StallsRest stop bathroom stalls are meant to be a convenient, comfortable, and easily accessible place for those who are traveling to relieve themselves for a moment or so. Because of this, bathroom stalls are essential in making traveler’s visits a good experience.  To do so, it often requires combining standard bathroom equipment with ADA Compliant products so that the rest stop functions in a way that is not limited or favorable to a specific group. You would assume that combining both amenities would diminish most of your already restricted space, but that is not always so.

XPB Locker and Restroom Supply can ensure that you get the most room out of your floor plan and that all of your space is utilized effectively without having to sacrifice the normal restroom requirements that are mandated by code. These bathroom stalls can be customized and built to fit larger sections, so that wheelchair accessibility is still available with complete privacy.

Once all of the rest stop bathroom stalls are laid out. XPB Locker and Restroom Supply are able to fit each partition with custom selected accessories. Because we offer such a wide array of products, these accessories are recommended based on your personal preferences.Request A Quote


Heavy Duty Outdoor Metal Benches

August 19th, 2015 by

Heavy-Duty-Outdoor-Metal-BenchesHeavy Duty Outdoor Metal Benches doesn’t have to be black or gray, although it can be if you want it to. The protective coatings that we offer – thermoplastic and plastisol – are available in orange, yellow, red, purple, several greens and blues, and, of course, black.

In addition to vibrant, solid colors, we also offer two protective finishes that mimic stone. You can have a gray and black speckled granite or the neutral, variegated shades of sandstone. And if you choose the Personalized Sublimated Perforated U-Leg Bench, which is one of our beefiest models, you’ll get a colorful, roll form bench with rounded leg/arm combinations and a perfect replica of your logo on the back rest.

Heavy duty construction and good looks don’t have to be mutually exclusive, not when you buy metal benches for outdoors from XPB Lockers. With so many different styles, configurations, colors, and personalization options, the benches that you choose will look great, perform better, and last for many years to come.
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Give us a call at 877-483-9270 for more information on heavy duty metal benches for outdoors, and get a free quote today.


Selecting Lockers and Locker Room Benches

August 12th, 2015 by

Sports-Locker-Room-LockersConsider Good Locker Room Flow
Selecting the materials that you want for lockers and benches is only part of locker room design. Equally significant is how the room flows. The smaller the room, the more important good design becomes.

There should also be some privacy around changing areas, and the location and size of lockers can create those niches. Think about using banks of lockers as building blocks for dividing spaces instead of just lining the walls with them.

The choices you make will last a long time. So it’s worth it to think about the total project instead of just choosing lockers and benches, and then fitting them into the schematic.Request A Quote

XPB Locker is your source for the best styles, materials, and selection. From stadium lockers to locker benches that you can move around as needed, we have what you need to design a locker room that will keep its good looks and withstand years of use.


Lavatories for Commercial Bathrooms

August 10th, 2015 by

Lavatories-For-Commercial-BathroomsXPB Locker carries a full selection of lavatories for commercial bathrooms.  Choose from a broad spectrum of material builds, workmanship styles, and functional features when you requisition fixtures for your commercial restroom remodel or new construction. Let our design team help you find the very best model for your interior aesthetic and restroom traffic volume.  Trust our team to not only help you conserve space, but also minimize ongoing maintenance and replacement costs over the next 10 years.

Choose the Style that Best Compliments your Interior Architecture.
40 years ago, bathroom sinks looked more or less the same.  Most were made from porcelain, with those in higher end facilities consisted of stainless steel.  Things have dramatically changed, however ,since those days.  This new generation of lavatories for commercial bathrooms offers your design team more aesthetic choices than ever before.  Surfaces made from materials such as Evero (TM).

Natural Quartz and Torreon (R) come in a wide range of coloration patterns that allow you to compliment any type of flooring, wall, and ceiling material.  Other features, such as the rimless basins and seamless, clean edges found on many of our more contemporary models, make it possible to decorate restroom interiors with any number of post-modern and contemporary design themes.

Environmental Friendliness Features Prominently in Our Lavatory Inventory.
As more contractors are asked to build “Green” facilities , more turn daily to XPB Locker to supply them with lavatories for commercial bathrooms that are made from low-emitting materials.  Evero(TM) natural quartz has proven to be one of the best choices for such applications.  Made from eco-friendly bio-resign blended with natural quartz, it meets and/or exceeds code requirements for Green building design.Request A Quote

Click here to browse our selection of lavatories for commercial restrooms, or call us now to have our team review your drawings.


Commercial Outdoor Seating Furniture

August 7th, 2015 by

Commercial-Outdoor-Seating-FurnitureXPB carries a complete selection of commercial outdoor furniture ideally suited to corporate, public, and educational facilities.
Whether you are furnishing a school campus, public park, or a corporate office park, XPB Locker has everything you need to completely furnish your outdoor facility.  Find seating options, public gathering areas, and basic amenities manufactured from superior grade materials designed with longevity and low-maintenance foremost in mind.

Benches and Chairs Combine Comfort with Durable Craftsmanship.
Select metal benches and chairs from a full spectrum of colors that will compliment natural surroundings and building  architecture, and surrounding commercial outdoor furniture.  These benches can be personalized to commemorate individuals, teams, or group of persons honored by your institution.  Choose from materials that include wood, plasticol coating, thermoplastic, concrete, and recycled plastic ideal for green building initiatives.

Construction styles range from galvanized welded frames to bolted frames, with a variety of in-ground, concreteCommercial-Outdoor-Picnic-Tables mounting, and portable mounting options to choose from.

Outdoor tables feature a blend of style, durability, and application flexibility at a price you can afford.
Find exactly what you need in our huge inventory of outdoor tables.  As with all lines of outdoor commercial furnishings, expect to find what you need in any color you like.  Geometrical styles include square, rectangular, multi-sided, and round.  Find tables with or without built-in seating designed with either single-post or bolted frames.Request A Quote


Backless Metal Benches

August 3rd, 2015 by

Backless-Metal-BenchesBackless metal benches can line hallways, fill locker rooms, create player seating at sporting events, and also work as simply as a rest station along a trail or in a park. If you need portability, aluminum is the way to go. It’s light, but it’s also corrosion resistant and strong enough to take a lot of abuse.

Either of the mounting hardware designs can also anchor with a surface mount or in-ground configuration. Surface mounting requires only bolts that fit through the hardware and into the substrate. For in-ground mounting, which is by far the most durable and least portable, you’ll need J bolts or rods and fresh concrete to hold the bolts securely.

Give us a call at 877-483-9270 for more information on heavy duty metal benches for outdoors, and get a free quote today. Request A Quote