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Archive for June, 2016

Solid Plastic Open Access Gear Lockers

June 30th, 2016 by

Solid-Plastic-Open-Access-Gear-LockersSometimes the best locker for your gear is one that’s got a combination of easy access plus security. That’s what the XPB Solid Plastic Open Access Gear Lockers provide for your athletic team, police or fire department. These lockers are perfect for any application where some security is important, but total lockdown top to bottom isn’t mission-critical.

This locker style offers a large, open section at the middle where users can set down gear and bags. Jackets and uniforms can also hang from hooks that are securely mounted on the back and side of the open space. Locker sides offer a division of space between one locker and the next. But the open front design of the midsection means everyone can access some items, such as outerwear, quickly, without operating a lock.

The XPB Locker durable plastic material isn’t just tough, it’s available in 17 different colors and textures. Choose from earthy neutrals, deep colors such as burgundy or hunter, faux stone or decorative textures such as “Starry Night” for a locker area that looks as good as it performs. Call us at 877-483-9270 for a free quote on your Open Access Gear LockersRequest A Quote


Metal Locker Room Lockers

June 25th, 2016 by

Box-Bridge-Metal-LockersMetal Locker Room Lockers

With all of the special materials available today, there’s still something to be said for the quality and durability of metal locker room lockers. Some are angle iron, some are aluminum, and some are all-welded high-security steel.

One space saving option we carry is the Box Bridge Metal Lockers in 16-gauge steel. This design has 16 separate 12-inch by 12-inch by 18-inch locker compartments in an inverted U shape with optional clothes hanging rod that spans the space between. Box Bridge lockers are available in gray tan or blue.

Providing all the locks and accessories you need to complete your metal locker order, XPB Locker has a variety of accessories like number plates, key and combination locks, locker tops, and bases to complete your needs. Contact XPB Locker today for a free quote or to find out more about all of our lockers for sale!Request A Quote


Designer Wood Lockers

June 21st, 2016 by

Designer-Wood-LockersIn nicer locker rooms, such as ones in a day spa or health club, our Designer Wood Lockers give you lots of style options, configurations, and materials choices. We have 2-tier styles, see-through, special shoe lockers, and top-of-the-line mahogany wood designer lockers in a single-tier unit.

Our Designer Wooden Gear Lockers combines good looks with industrial-grade materials for a locker that’s got everything that any user could want or need. There’s a 14-inch-high footlocker underneath with its own separate lock. Above, the ventilated front door conceals double coat hooks, an upper shelf, and a high top compartment with steel hasp.

By combining architecturally-inspired design, security and precision engineering, XPB Locker transforms any environment into a truly exceptional space. Call XPB Locker at 1-877-483-9270 for a free quote on your Wooden Designer LockersRequest A Quote


Sturdy Commercial Metal Lockers

June 10th, 2016 by

Sturdy-Commercial-Metal-LockersXPB Locker and Restroom Supply offers school lockers, gym lockers, office lockers, military lockers, athletic lockers, sport or stadium lockers as well as Policeman lockers & Fireman Lockers. School lockers and gym lockers are a great way to solve your student, athlete or even personnel storage needs. These steel lockers secure personal belongings for protection and safe-keeping.

Even if commercial metal lockers only have one user per day, that’s still a lot of stress on the lock. In facilities such as health clubs, where customers come and go, locks might go through several different users every day. So you’ll need materials that can stand up to abuse.

Solid, sturdy fabrication is more important than the cost in the long run. A less expensive lock might seem like a bargain, but replacing it too soon means you’ll really pay more. In areas such as schools, where the users might be tougher than usual, investing in a sturdy lock the first time can save hundreds of dollars per lock in the long run.

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