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Archive for July, 2016

Solid Plastic Z Lockers

July 29th, 2016 by

Solid-Plastic-Z-LockersWhen you’re tight on space but want to offer plenty of storage, Solid Plastic Z lockers are an ideal solution. The design is incredibly clever. Instead of sticking employees with tall lockers that are so skinny clothes get bunched up or wider lockers that are barely larger than a kindergartner’s cubby, they get the best of a cubby and a taller locker in one, and you get to conserve precious floor space.

Solid Plastic lockers are perfect for an employee locker room. They hold uniforms without wrinkling and give interior shelf storage for shoes and smaller valuables. And the Z shape fits two lockers in the space where one might otherwise be. Here’s what you need to know about implementing this clever storage device in your business.

Multi-Height Storage Conserves Space

The Solid Plastic Z Locker, which is designed by Lennox®, makes the best use of limited space in any employee locker room. Think about the way that most lockers are used and the amount of space that’s vacant. Clothes hang, some items might be on a top shelf, and there’s lots of room left over at the bottom. With a Z locker, space is used more efficiently.Request A Quote


Designing and Buying Washfountains for Commercial Warehouse Garages

July 25th, 2016 by


Wash fountains or hand wash stations offer several benefits over a traditional sink and faucet configuration. Where a sink is usually limited to a certain number of users, wash fountains can accommodate users all the way around the fixture.

Lower Installation and Operation Costs
In a traditional sink installation, you need an individual water supply and drainage for every fixture. Of course, that’s also true with a wash fountain, but more people can use a fountain at the same time. Fewer fixtures and less plumbing that serve more people equal lower installation costs.

Wash fountains also cost less to operate. Many of them use less water per wash than a traditional sink because water supply valves shut off automatically.Stainless-Steel-Circular-Washfountains

The Washing up Area Stays Cleaner
Unless a sink is oversized, water often finds its way all over every available surface. With a wash fountain alternative, such as our Stainless Steel Circular Multi-Station Wash Fountains, there is no wide countertop ledge, so the whole area around the basin stays cleaner.

The soap dispenser is centrally located above the basin, so any spillage just falls inside the vessel where it’s washed away. And with touchless infrared controls or foot pedals, grimy hands, water drips and soap won’t mess up water control handles. Call XPB foe a free quote on a Stainless Steel Circular Wahfountain.

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Personalized Perforated Benches

July 22nd, 2016 by

Personalized-Perforated-BenchesWhat could be better than an attractive, personalized bench to relax on during a work break or between innings, halves or quarters? At XPB Locker, we offer durable, good looking benches that work great indoors or out, and personalization can make each one unique. When buying personalized benches for your business, school or team, here’s what we can do for you.

Perforated Steel Lasts and Breathes
Solid-surface benches can hold water and grime, and they can also be hot to sit on when the weather is warm. Our Personalized Standard Perforated Bench is made from durable steel, but with a perforation pattern of 1/2-inch holes throughout the seat and most of the backrest.

Perforations let the bench breathe so it’s cooler, and it also lets any water run off instead of puddling. You won’t have to worry about rust.

Personalization Makes the Back Rest Stand Out
Whether your bench is installed in a park or on the sidelines indoors or out, this model gets attention. Integrated into the perforation pattern is a solid steel panel at the center of the backrest. It gives you the perfect canvas for your message, which stands out in a contrasting paint color.Request A Quote
XPB Locker can apply any message or personalization that you like to your outdoor metal bench. Add a company name, team name, and logo, community slogan or the name of a park donor for memorial purposes. Bold lettering ensures that your message is visible from afar.


Outdoor Buddy Benches

July 18th, 2016 by

Outdoor-Buddy-BenchesOne of the defining characteristics of an Outdoor Buddy Bench is its bright colors. Often made of durable metal that’s designed for outdoor playground use, these benches won’t fade with exposure to sunlight or harsh weather. They stand up to regular use, too.

Our Customized Diamond Pattern Roll Form Bench is a perfect choice for designing a Buddy Bench for your school or playground. It’s 6 feet long, which can allow several children to sit at once. Color choices include a Thermoplastic coating in red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, and several others. And your personalized message is engraved, making it a permanent part of the bench.

Personalization Options Lets You Send the Right Message

Most Buddy Benches have an identifying message on the back rest. It might simply read, “Buddy Bench.” And it might also include a school logo, the name of the school, and any other personalized wording or characters that help make the bench that you design unique.Request A Quote

If you’re in the market for a Outdoor Buddy Bench for your school or playground, give XPB Locker & Supply a call at 1-877-483-9270. We’ll work with you to help design and create a colorful, personalized Outdoor Buddy Bench.


Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions

July 9th, 2016 by

Stainless-Steel-Bathroom-PartitionsIf you need Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions in a hurry, our quick ship options are a great choice. They offer all of the durability benefits of our customizable partitions, but in more standard dimensions. That means they’re ready to go when you need them.

For example, our Quick Ship Toilet Partition-Stainless Steel – Between Walls is available in 3 finishes and five configurations. They’re available in singles or rows of five, and dimensions from 36 to 180 inches wide. We also have a quick ship corner style.

No matter the size and budget of your restroom project, stainless steel is a good choice and a great value. It lasts, even in the highest traffic areas, and stays looking great through regular cleanings.Request A Quote

Give XPB Lockers a call at 1-877-483-9270 to discuss these and other stainless steel restroom partition options. And be sure to check out our online catalog to see our full range of products in stainless and other long-wearing materials and colors.