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Archive for September, 2016

Stainless Steel Circular Wash Fountains Designed For High Traffic Areas

September 28th, 2016 by
Commercial Stainless Steel Circular Restroom Wash Fountains For Sale Manufacturer Direct Discount Pricing Saves You Money

Stainless Steel Circular Wash Fountains – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Stainless Steel Circular Wash Fountains are created for heavy duty hand washing. Different styles allow you to choose what works best for your needs. You will find numerous sizes so you’re able to accommodate the amount of people or the space you have for the fountain. With our collection of circular wash fountains you’re sure to find the one you need for your laboratory, kitchen, or other space that requires a lot of hand washing.

Our stainless steel wash fountains are primarily designed for high traffic bathroom areas. Wash fountains have been around long before the sustainability movement because of their ability to maximize the number of hand washers that can be accommodated in a given space. Call XPB Locker for a free quote on your stainless steel circular wash fountains. Request A Quote

Stainless Steel Circular Wash Fountains – FREE Quote 877-483-9270


How to Choose Outdoor Metal Picnic Tables – A Buyers Guide

September 25th, 2016 by
Wholesale Commercial Outdoor Metal Picnic Tables Sales - Buy Direct From Manufacturer & Cut Out The Middle Man

Outdoor Metal Picnic Tables – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Selecting from so many options may appear daunting to some.  Many people feel overwhelmed when faced with too many choices.   It really isn’t so difficult when you follow two basic principles: geometry and color.  Landscapes designed to appear pristine are best complimented with simple, rectangular tables with colors that match surrounding trees and undergrowth.  More modern or contemporary themes are better accented with outdoor picnic tables featuring 6-8 sides and painted with bright colors intended to compliment building facades and signage.

Please remember, too, that most of our tables can be personalized with names, mascot emblems, or commemorative statements.   Simply email us your design when you place your order.

XPB Locker Will Help You Design.
If you are still uncertain which options will best serve your customers, employees, or guests, please do not hesitate to email us pictures of your facility and ask for our assistance in choosing the right outdoor metal picnic tables for your grounds.  Our team has decades of experience in both design and installation, and we will be happy to help you make the very best choices without exceeding your budget.  Call us now at 877-483-9270. Request A Quote

Outdoor Metal Picnic Tables
FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Shopping Commercial Outdoor Seating? What Are The Options

September 21st, 2016 by
Discount Commercial Outdoor Bench Seating For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Saves You Money Today!

Commercial Outdoor Bench Seating – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Seating is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing commercial outdoor seating options for your grounds.  Without accessible, comfortable seating, there is little chance that your customers are going to remain on your property for any length of time.  Even the most active environments, like the ones we furnish in amusement parks, campgrounds, and school playgrounds, must be outfitted with places for tired individuals to comfortably relax.

XPB Locker can accommodate your guests with a wide variety of outdoor metal picnic tables and outdoor metal benches.  We have gone to great lengths to carry products that will compliment everything from pristine wilderness settings to high-end commercial facilities.  In our online store, you can find options in historical, traditional, modern, and contemporary furnishings that can compliment any natural landscape and/or landscape architecture. Request A Quote

Commercial Outdoor Bench Seating
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Commercial Bathroom Toilet Partitions On Sale Now – Made In USA

September 13th, 2016 by
DIY Discount Bathroom Toilet Partitions For Sale Manufacturer Direct Prices - Quick Shipping

Bathroom Toilet Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

XPB Locker carries a full selection pilasters, doors, panels, and hardware that can be customized to any bathroom layout. Bathroom design specialists can guide architects, facility managers, and contractors in both standard and custom Bathroom Toilet Partitions.

Clients of XPB Locker Supply will save a great deal of money by investing in a bathroom toilet divider design that has already been specified to all codes pertinent to a particular area.   By getting dimensions, hardware fittings, and accessories right the first time, organizations can save on both installation costs and any replacement costs that would accrue from having to redo the entire restroom if a mistake were discovered after the fact.

We Travel and Work Throughout Texas. Perhaps the most important factor in an easy installation bathroom is thorough knowledge of the products. What better team to handle your installation than the team who designed it and ordered each component with the big picture clearly in mind? And what could be easier than an installation that is done for you by experts who take pride in their work, and who let their work speak for itself? Call 877-483-9270 for a free quote on your Bathroom Toilet Partitions.Request A Quote

Bathroom Toilet Partitions
FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Unique Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories Help Keep Kids Clean & Germ Free

September 7th, 2016 by
DIY Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories For Sale Manufacturer Direct Discount Prices Saves You Money Today!!

Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Our Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories are a new and unique concept in lavatory design. This lavatory system combines all of the hand washing activities at a single location.  The water, soap, and hand dryer are all located on or near the bowl area of the lavatory. This bathroom sink is ideal for schools to help eliminate germs. Faucets that can dispense water without touching are far more desired than any “old” style that requires multiple users to touch the levers. These faucets completely eliminate the need to touch any part of the fixture by using infrared technology to activate water flow.

XPB Locker is your source for Hands Free Lavatory Systems that suit any industry. Give our customer service center a call today at 1-877-483-9270 and learn more about the ways that a commercial lavatory can help keep your school or learning center cleaner and more efficient. And check out our online catalog to learn more about the many different wash fountain options that we offer.Request A Quote

Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories
FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Personalized Standard Perforated Metal Benches

September 1st, 2016 by

Personalized-Standard-Perforated-Metal-BenchThe first name of this bench is “Personalized,” and that extends to the range of colors that we have to choose from as well as the different bench mounting methods. Although a outdoor metal bench is strong by nature, time, wear and the elements can wreak havoc. But paint is both protective and attractive, and we offer 16 rich colors including crayons brights, neutrals and two faux stone textures.

One of the great things about XPB locker benches is the variety of sizes available. You can have a personalized bench that’s big enough for a sideline of players or small enough to fit into an outdoor break area niche at the office.The XPB Locker Personalized Standard Perforated Bench is a workhorse that looks and performs great and holds up for many years to come. Practically any color, size, personalization and mounting combination is possible.

Find out more by calling us direct at 1-877-483-9270. Or for a look at all of the metal benches that we offer, check out our online catalog. Request A Quote