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Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions For Sale At Affordable Prices – Made In America

March 21st, 2017 by
Discount Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions Online Supply Store - Manufacturer Direct Prices

Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Plastic laminate bathroom partitions combine design flexibility with affordable cost. The high pressure laminate finishes, bonded under pressure to a solid impact-resistant particle board core. Edge banding of all components prior to face lamination ensures optimum water runoff and durability.

These bathroom partitions are offered in a complement of designer colors. Available in all styles. The plastic laminate toilet partitions material is a high-pressure impact resistant laminate with a particle board core, sometimes seen in counter tops and kitchen cabinets or drawers.These plastic laminate restroom stalls are inexpensive and versatile material. Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, these toilet compartments are readily available in hundreds of colors.

Our Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions are made to order. It is totally your choice of commercial bathroom stall material. You can choose from Plastic Laminate bathroom stalls , Powder coated toilet partitions, Solid Plastic toilet stalls, Phenolic restroom dividers, as well as Stainless Steel toilet enclosures. These are all in stock or built to order.Request A Quote

Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions For Sale
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Professional Commercial Bathroom Installation & Design Services

March 6th, 2017 by
Commercial Bathroom Installation & Design Services In Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio & Huston, Texas

Commercial Bathroom Installation – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Custom Commercial Bathroom Installation 

While there are a number of ways to cut costs on commercial bathroom installation, one thing you should never cut corners on is product quality.  A great businessman once said, “I have no quarrel with a man whom has a lower price.  He, more than anyone, knows what his product is really worth.”

Always remember this when shopping online.  If you look hard enough, you will find something priced at a cost that you cannot resist…and almost always regret it when it later fails to meet spec.

  • Floor-Mounted, Overhead-Braced – The most economical choice, and the fastest available option. This style is ideal for wood or concrete floors. Pilasters mount to floor and panels mount to walls, with anodized aluminum anti-grip headrail run across the top for additional strength and support.
  • Floor-Mounted – Requires a minimum 2″ thick concrete floor for proper installation. Pilasters mount to floor, panels mount to wall. Top for the partitions is flush, ideal for areas with low ceilings.
  • Ceiling-Hung – Requires structural steel ceiling supports for proper installation. Pilasters mount to the ceiling, and panels mount to walls. This style leaves an unobstructed floor area for efficient cleaning.
  • Floor-to-Ceiling – Recommended to be installed into steel ceiling supports and a concrete floor. Pilasters mount to both floor and ceiling, and panels mount to walls.

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XPB Locker also has its own team of professional installers who are available for local installations. And even if you are installing the partitions you ordered and have a question you need answered, you can call us toll-free at (877) 483-9270 to speak with one of our installers.

Custom Commercial Bathroom
Installation & Design Services
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