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Green Guard Certified Aquatic Bathroom Partitions For Sale – Made 100% In America

April 30th, 2017 by
Commercial Swimming Pool Bathroom Partitions For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Pricing Saves You Money Today!

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Aquatic Bathroom Partitions are GREENGUARD Certified because phenolic is a low emitting material.  Because it is also bacterial and oil resistant, partitions made from phenolic core can also be used to construct showers.  Solid Phenolic partitions is a unique material designed especially for full water contact. It is ideal for high humidity areas, or where hose-down cleaning methods are used.

While they are more expensive than solid plastic partitions, they are preferred by facilities where hygiene is a paramount consideration.  They are difficult to damage, but also rather costly to repair if they are vandalized.  Generally they are located in very large facilities with sufficient budget to cover the cost of repairs or replacements, or with sufficient security to minimize the risk of intentional harm to materials.

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Swimming Pool Bathroom Partitions
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Durable Outdoor Seating For Parks, School Grounds & Outdoor Facilities – Made In America

April 20th, 2017 by
Durable Outdoor Seating & Benches For Sale For Parks & Outside Recreational Areas

Durable Outdoor Seating – FREE Quote 877-9270

Outdoor locations, such as parks, lunch break areas, commons, school grounds and others, are more complete and more usable with the right durable outdoor furniture. With XPB Lockers, you have so many choices, the most difficult part isn’t finding what you want; it’s narrowing those choices down.

For your outdoor project, we have the right selection at the right price to make everyone happy.

Sit and Relax for a While

Outdoor seating ranges from basic to something extra special. We have no-frills aluminum benches, steel benches with an array of different options, personalized benches that promote your message, and individual metal patio chairs that can mount to the surface, or not.

If the classics are more your style, you can’t find a bench that’s more classic than our Renaissance Park Bench. With its white oak slats and metal scrollwork arms and legs that look like iron but won’t rust, this is the park bench that you’d see in the movies.

Durable Outdoor Seating
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Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers, A Buyers Guide – 100% Made In USA

April 12th, 2017 by
Discount Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers For Sale - Buy Direct From The Manufacturer And Save Money Today!

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Choosing the best paper towel dispenser for a commercial restroom layout  depends on the amount of traffic and type of towel  you wish to use. There are Folded Towels and Roll Towel type dispensers. The folded towel dispensers  two types of folding towels, one style folds into half and the other folds into a “C” configuration. These dispensers operate manually. The towel rolls have  a 800 foot continuous towel fitted to a 1 1/2″ diameter core and fit into a dispensers that operate automatically, via push button or lever, or manually.Request A Quote

Based on your restroom layout, amount of traffic, and construction format,  there is a variety of commercial paper towel dispensers choices that will work  for every environment.

Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser
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Heavy Duty Commercial Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions For Sale – Made 100% In America

April 2nd, 2017 by
Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions For Sale - Manufacturer Direct Prices Saves You Money Today In Austin, Dallas, Corpus Christi, San Antonio And Houston, Texas

Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Restroom Partition materials are designed to resist this corrosion and lower replacement costs when considering best material options, stainless steel restroom dividing materials are fabricated with two sheets of 22 gauge metal  separated by a moisture resistant honeycomb core.  The finished edges are conformed to lock together to provide a tight fit without additional molding. Chromed Zamac hardware is included or optional upgrades include continuous brackets and hinges for areas requiring the most privacy.

Choose from four installation applications. The Ceiling Braced Application leaves the floor area below free and clear of any obstructions, the Floor to Ceiling Application offers the tightest fit and most privacy, Floor Mounted Overhead Braced offer great privacy with 80″ high Pilasters, and Floor Braced are great for restrooms with low ceilings.

Material choices include Stainless Steel with a smooth brushed finish, textured with a weaved basket like finish and Leather Grain which looks like a piece of leather doodled with range marks.Request A Quote

Stainless Steel restroom partitions offer the best material options for tough environments that require strong and sturdy long lasting materials that stand up in harsh environments. Durable stainless steel materials are offered in 4 Applications and 3 Textures for these demanding settings

Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions
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