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Archive for December, 2017

Commercial Retail Center Bathroom Partitions Sales – Made In USA

December 18th, 2017 by
Commercial Retail Center Bathroom Partitions At Discount Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Austin , San Antonio, Dallas , Corpus Christi And Houston Texas

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Retail Center Bathroom Partitions are the perfect solution for higher end retail facilities that are looking to provide their customers with high privacy and design. These restroom partitions can enhance any facility design and provide the perfect synergy between your retail space and restroom.  While we’re designing your commercial toilet partitions, we also get your input on your material and style preferences. For many businesses, it’s important to have an attractive and appealing bathroom to create a harmonious style throughout your commercial building or facility.

Commercial Restroom Partitions
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Do Employee Storage Lockers Help Secure Employee’s Possessions?

December 3rd, 2017 by
Quality Employee Storage Lockers On Sale Now! Wholesale Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi And Houston, Texas

Employee Storage Lockers – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

XPB Locker & Supply is your source for Employee Storage Lockers. Many customers need employee storage lockers to help secure employee possessions and clothing. Lockers are essential for any operation.  When ordering an employee locker, you want to consider the application. Many customers prefer solid plastic lockers or corrosion resistant lockers. We also go beyond what the typical distributor sells and provides wood designer lockers, digital lockers and even stainless steel lockers for high tech and food service operations. For convenience we offer most of our employee lockers assembled as well.

Employee Storage Lockers – FREE Quote 877-483-9270