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Community Backless Benches

January 16th, 2017 by

Community-Backless-Metal-BenchesIf your community has a lot of residents who are fitness buffs, a few community backless benches situated along walking and jogging trails can give them several spots to stop and take a breather when they need it. Backless benches come in as many style and colors as out benches with back rests, and their lower profile isn’t as imposing as some of the larger benches.

Our U-Leg Backless Wire Bench has a welded wire seat, 11-gauge steel legs, and the same protective Thermoplastic coating that’s on our larger benches. You also have the same choice of 16 colors and two faux stone finishes, either sandstone or granite.

Whether your community association is in the market for a few metal benches for a swimming pool or playground area, several benches to scatter throughout the whole neighborhood, or even just a few around the association office, XPB Lockers has just what you need to make everyone happy. Our benches are built to last, and look great doing it.

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Outdoor Commercial Furniture

November 22nd, 2016 by

outdoor-commercial-metal-furniture-salesXPB Locker strives to accommodate all members of the general public with its vast selection of choices.  ADA compliance is a responsibility that we take seriously, which is why we carry tables with a variety of special seating configurations.  Find outdoor metal tables in our selection that are built with custom bench or seat heights.  Find also models built with a limited number of seats that allow persons in wheelchairs to easily maneuver themselves to and from the table.

Added Value for an Improved Bottom Line
Selecting models  that are designed to withstand weather, daily wear and tear, and even acts of criminal mischief protects your investment and brings a greater return in the end . Outdoor metal picnic tables feature an exceptional level of durability. Metal bases are powder coated to resist inclement weather. Metal surfaces covered with Thermoplastic can further resist years of weathering without losing their luster or color.  This specialized covering also protects metal framing against corrosion.  Easy to clean with a simple water hose, Thermoplastic offers some protection against graffiti and is easy to repair in the event of deliberate, miscreant vandalism.Request A Quote


Outdoor Recreational Benches

October 12th, 2016 by

Outdoor-Recreational-BenchesAny area at home or public recreational setting can make good use of Outdoor Recreational Benches. There’s no single style, as the benches that we carry include lightweight aluminum with a brushed finish, flat styles with no back rest, slatted, laser cut, and fiberglass models that are as durable as they are portable.

Our Ribbons and Rings Metal Bench has a bit of the retro look that’s so popular, but in heavy duty steel with cast iron legs. It’s substantial, definitely not flimsy. Available in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot lengths, this bench can match or coordinate with any recreational theme through your choice of 16 different commercial-grade Thermoplastic coatings.

Any spot where people like to relax and socialize is a great candidate for recreational outdoor furniture from XPB Lockers. With so many durable styles, materials, colors, and even personalization options, your furniture can look exactly the way that you want and keep its good looks for many years to come. Call us for a free quote on your Outdoor Recreational BenchesRequest A Quote


Commercial Outdoor Seating Options

September 21st, 2016 by

Commercial-Outdoor-Bench-SeatingSeating is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing commercial outdoor seating options for your grounds.  Without accessible, comfortable seating, there is little chance that your customers are going to remain on your property for any length of time.  Even the most active environments, like the ones we furnish in amusement parks, campgrounds, and school playgrounds, must be outfitted with places for tired individuals to comfortably relax.

XPB Locker can accommodate your guests with a wide variety of outdoor metal picnic tables and outdoor metal benches.  We have gone to great lengths to carry products that will compliment everything from pristine wilderness settings to high-end commercial facilities.  In our online store, you can find options in historical, traditional, modern, and contemporary furnishings that can compliment any natural landscape and/or landscape architecture. Request A Quote


Outdoor Family Memorial Benches

August 9th, 2016 by

Outdoor-Family-Memorial-BenchesA Outdoor Family Memorial Bench lets you respectfully honor the memory of a family member who has passed on. A high-contract message looks attractive, and it has the added benefit of improved visibility. In a large, open area, such as a cemetery, this helps you locate your family bench more easily, even if there are several others nearby. Our Multicolor Personalized Diamond Pattern Bench gives you two color choices: One for the bench itself, and a secondary color that’s layered behind the cutout message to provide the necessary contrast.

Designing and buying outdoor family memorial benches doesn’t have to be a difficult process. And you don’t have to settle for something that looks the same as every other bench that you’ve seen. At XPB Lockers, we have the styles, sizes, colors, and materials that let you create something special.Request A Quote

Give us a call today at 1-877-483-9270 for a free quote, and to learn more about your options. Using your specifications, we can create something that stands the test of time.


Personalized Perforated Benches

July 22nd, 2016 by

Personalized-Perforated-BenchesWhat could be better than an attractive, personalized bench to relax on during a work break or between innings, halves or quarters? At XPB Locker, we offer durable, good looking benches that work great indoors or out, and personalization can make each one unique. When buying personalized benches for your business, school or team, here’s what we can do for you.

Perforated Steel Lasts and Breathes
Solid-surface benches can hold water and grime, and they can also be hot to sit on when the weather is warm. Our Personalized Standard Perforated Bench is made from durable steel, but with a perforation pattern of 1/2-inch holes throughout the seat and most of the backrest.

Perforations let the bench breathe so it’s cooler, and it also lets any water run off instead of puddling. You won’t have to worry about rust.

Personalization Makes the Back Rest Stand Out
Whether your bench is installed in a park or on the sidelines indoors or out, this model gets attention. Integrated into the perforation pattern is a solid steel panel at the center of the backrest. It gives you the perfect canvas for your message, which stands out in a contrasting paint color.Request A Quote
XPB Locker can apply any message or personalization that you like to your outdoor metal bench. Add a company name, team name, and logo, community slogan or the name of a park donor for memorial purposes. Bold lettering ensures that your message is visible from afar.


Multicolor Personalized U-Leg Benches

May 25th, 2016 by

Multi-Color-Personalized-U-Leg-BenchesMany of the metal benches that XPB Lockers has available let you personalize with the colors and logos of your choice. This is a great option for promoting school spirit, and also for building the brand of the neighborhood.

You might not think of your community as a brand. But people from other areas know your area by its community name. And if it’s a desirable location, benches with the name and logo can help get the name out and make the brand even stronger. Our Multicolor Personalized U-Leg Bench is available in three different lengths, 16 different Thermoplastic coating colors, and features your two-color lettering or logo on the back rest.

Whether your community association is in the market for a few benches for a swimming pool or playground area, several benches to scatter throughout the whole neighborhood, or even just a few around the association office, XPB Locker & Restroom Supply has just what you need to make everyone happy. Our outdoor metal benches are built to last, and look great doing it.Request A Quote


Custom University Benches

May 20th, 2015 by

Multicolor-University-Metal-BenchesA custom  university bench isn’t really custom until you put your university or school design on it. Not every bench we sell has this option, but you can find it in many of our selections. For example, our Multicolor Personalized Perforated Bench lets you choose one color for the benches and a secondary, contrasting or complementary color for any lettering or design that you want to add to them. Our team will use your artwork to reproduce the design of your choice. Our Multicolor Personalized Perforated Standard Bench gives you the same choices, but with a solid panel back for more detail in your logo or lettering design.

Whichever look you want, XPB Locker & Supply has a customizable bench that fits the bill. Designing and buying benches for your university or school can be a challenge, at least if you do it right. There are so many choices available, so it’s difficult to know which one is best for you. But when you look beyond the fancy ads of other manufacturers, you’ll find that it’s the fundamentals that really matter. Solid construction using materials that are known to last mean your custom benches will hold up for years. Protective coatings that clean up easily and resist the elements help your benches look great years from now.Request A Quote


Custom School Insignia Bench

July 15th, 2014 by

School-Insignia-BenchesGreet your students and campus visitors with a custom school insignia bench.  Make it a point to seat them in something that is not only comfortable, but also attractive and dedicated to the best and brightest themes, beliefs, institutions, and individuals of you local community.  Built to last a long time and take a beating from a variety of extremes in temperature, rain, and wind, these bench designs offer you a lasting investment in commemoration and accommodation.  We have a wide range of color and size options that will allow you to match your custom school insignia bench with any surrounding environment.  While all styles of benches work, to some degree, wherever you install them, we have conveniently grouped them as follows into athletic and non-athletic lines.

Player Benches for Athletic Departments

Perforated Roll Formed Design

Both practical and functional

Easy to install

4,5, or 6 foot models available

Angle Iron Design

Thermoplastic coating makes it heat an UV resistant

Variety of sizes and colors

U-shaped, backless custom school insignia bench designs also available

Works indoors as well as outdoors


Designs for Maximum Comfort

Northgate Design

  • The most ‘park like” of custom school insignia bench designs
  • 4 sizes, 16 colors
  • straight back
  • superior armrests
  • great for students and older persons alike

The Perforated Roll Formed Design

  • weather resistant to sun, wind, rain, and coldCustom-Perforated-Insignia-Players-Bench
  • Extra sturdy legs
  • This style of custom school insignia bench works exceptionally well in atrium, garden, or small wooded areas on secondary and college campuses.

A custom school insignia bench can be used to celebrate your school logo, commemorate a local individual, or send an inspirational message to the student body.  Perhaps the most thoughtful use of these benches, however, is to address the tragic loss of a young person who was taken from his or her peers far too early in life.  Insignia benches make for ideal memorials that keep the memory of long lost students alive for generations of students to come.    Request A Quote


Personalized Sublimated Perforated U-Leg Bench

May 9th, 2014 by

Personalized-Sublimated-Perforated-U-Leg-BenchLet XPB Lockers help you customize a personalized bench with a monogrammed plate. Our Personalized Sublimated Perforated U-Leg Bench is fabricated of 11 gauge steel with a thermoplastic finish. Customized artwork sits nicely in this bench and makes a bold, modern statement. Advertise your business or organization. Show off your school spirit. Vamp up your store front with your favorite emblem or design. Our durable Perforated U-Leg Benches are sure to stand out. Request A Quote