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Lobby Directory

June 23rd, 2011 by

All types of businesses and schools benefit from lobby directories.  Some have to have them because the Post Office requires that any commercial building with 15 tenants or more using mailboxes list their names and locations in directories.  Directories are also good for security because people can find the information they need without asking the guard and distracting him or her. 

The most versatile type of directory is the standing directory.  It stands on a pedestal that you can display inside or outside your building.  Apartments and restaurants use this style extensively to display information about the property, announce a special occasion, or to advertise special prices.  The directory background is black and the pedestal adjusts from 49 to 66 inches.   

The business lobby directory is used by smaller commercial buildings mostly.   It on the wall and has a shatter proof acrylic swinging door that locks so unauthorized persons cannot change the lettering.   While mostly businesses use this, some schools will display room number, subject, and teacher of subject with this type of directory.    

The marquee lobby directory is good for listing events by day of the week.  It too mounts on a wall, and it has a title header panel above the black lettering background that you can customize with the name of your school or business.  It also has a shatter proof acrylic style door to prevent unauthorized tampering with lettering.  Most public schools use the marquee style directory, but some restaurants are also using this style to display the special of the day. 

The name lobby directory is a basic vertical directory measuring 4 inches wide and 14 inches long.  It lists name, floors, and suite numbers on a tape.  Some small apartments as well as very small offices use this style.  It can list up to 45 names.    

The open face lobby directory is even more basic than the name directory.  It is a black letter board that does not have any kind of cover.  It mounts to the wall and allows anyone who needs to put new information up to do so at any time of the day.  You see this type of directory used a lot in hotel conference rooms.  Each time a new seminar, religious service, or business meeting is scheduled, the event planner simply changes the lettering.   

Characters for directories include letters, numbers, and special characters.  Standard size for all characters is three quarter inches.  Special two inch characters are used for the title header in the marquee directory.

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