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Solid Plastic Gear Sports Lockers Are Wider And Deeper Than Standard Lockers

November 24th, 2017 by

Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers are wider and deeper than standard lockers, offering more room for uniforms, heavy gear and other bulky equipment. Comprised of highly durable solid high-density polyethylene plastic containing 30-percent pre-consumer content, Lenox Lockers stand up to harsh, high-traffic and moist environments as well as damage, reducing maintenance repairs and costs, especially compared with metal lockers.

Our Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers feature a midsection storage area that is completely open to the air so that uniforms can dry quickly and day clothes can remain fresh throughout the day.  Standard plastic lockers feature vented doors just like previous generations of metal lockers did.  This allows for more than enough air to circulate through the locker interior to keep personal items fresh, and to allow sweaty clothes to air out. Contact XPB Lockers & Supply for a free quote on your solid plastic gear lockers.


Outdoor Personalized Perforated Park Benches – A Buyers Guide

November 1st, 2017 by
Custom Outdoor Personalized Metal Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Discount Prices

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches are perfect for any location with heavy traffic requiring industrial-strength seating, schools, parks and recreational facilities, campgrounds, sports complexes and rest areas.

The way that you choose to install your personalized perforated bench will likely vary by its location. And we offer seven different solutions for three levels of permanency. Portable mounting lets you move the bench as needed, and we have two types of portable bench feet. Surface-mount installation works well indoors or some exterior locations, and you have two styles from which to choose. For the most permanent and sturdy installation, which also helps prevent theft, in-ground mounting combines special feet and anchors, often in conjunction with concrete.

Whether your outdoor metal bench is installed in a park or on the sidelines indoors or out, this model gets attention. Integrated into the perforation pattern is a solid steel panel at the center of the backrest. It gives you the perfect canvas for your message, which stands out in a contrasting paint color.

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Purchasing Commercial Cluster Mailboxes? What Are The Options?

October 23rd, 2017 by
Discount Commercial Cluster Mailboxes For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Prices

Cluster Mailboxes – FREE Quote 811-483-3270

Our Cluster Mailboxes are a convenient option for apartment tenants, hotel guests, even military base residents to pick up their mail. Whether you are an apartment manager seeking a decorative cluster box unit for your property or a small business owner looking for a private use Letter Locker mailbox.

A cluster mailbox unit (CBU) is a free-standing, pedestal mailbox with 8, 12, 13, or 16 individually locked mailbox compartments and up to 2 integrated parcel lockers. Since all cluster boxes are USPS Approved, they are the most common community mailboxes on the market. They also come in six (6) different architectural colors and can be modified to fit any community design. Contact XPB Locker & Supply for a free quote on your Cluster Mailbox Units.

Cluster Mailboxes – FREE Quote 811-483-3270


School Toilet Room Partitions, Sinks & Accessories – Made In America

October 11th, 2017 by
Discount School Toilet Room Partitions & Accessories For Sale - Manufacturer Direct Pricing

School Toilet Room Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-3270

When designing School Toilet Rooms, it’s important to invest in materials that will last through rough experiences. XPB Locker provides partitions that are easy to clean, durable, rust proof, and withstand vandalism. Special coatings make graffiti removal easier. Ceiling mounted partitions are best for floor cleaning but for extreme traffic and vandal prone areas floor anchored with overhead bracing is advised. Stall doors often lose alignment over time and should have sufficient clearance and lock latch length to function.

Now that you’ve installed the restroom partitions, it’s time to complete your restroom design project with every-day restroom accessories. You’ll find everything from toilet paper dispensers, seat cover dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, to soap dispensers. We have a vast inventory to meet every need. Call us at 877-483-9270 to get your School Toilet Room layout and quote for free.

School Toilet Room Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-3270


Security Metal Sports Foot Lockers Offers Plenty Of Space For Bulky Equipment

October 3rd, 2017 by
Commercial Heavy Duty Steel Sports Foot Lockers For Sale - Direct From The Manufacturer Pricing

Metal Sports Lockers – Free Quote 877-483-9270

Our Metal Sports Locker with Foot Locker and Security Box offers plenty of space for bulky equipment – plus a separate area for shoes and secure storage for valuables. Sturdy perforated steel stands up to heavy use while allowing for ventilation. Keep smaller items on the upper hat shelf and use the steel coat rod for hanging uniforms and jackets. Assembled and un-assembled units available in two sizes.

Metal lockers have many uses in schools and sports arenas and locker rooms along with many other places like amusement parks, skating rinks etc. Our Metal Sports Lockers are made of the highest quality materials and brought to you at factory prices. We guarantee your satisfaction with the craftsmanship of our lockers which are manufactured in the USA. Contact XPB Lockers  today for pricing and scheduling information.

Metal Sports Lockers – Free Quote 877-483-9270


Commercial Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions For Sale – Manufacturer Direct Pricing – 100% Made In America

September 23rd, 2017 by
Industrial Grade Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions For Sale In Austin,, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi And Houston, Texas

Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions for Commercial Use

Solid plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic restroom dividers offer one of the best solutions for high traffic and moist environments. Solid plastic bathroom partitions are impervious to moisture, so they won’t absorb odors, delaminate, rust, or mildew. It goes without saying that solid plastic restroom partitions are absolutely built to take a massive beating, day in and day out. The cost of keeping them in brilliant condition is relatively low due to the simplicity in repair. Maintenance is almost always an easy job given that the material can be hosed down, and is also capable of being burnished in the event of visible cutting or scratching.

Pricing on solid plastic bathroom stalls is considerably higher than powder coated/baked enamel steel and plastic laminate, however, in high moisture and vandal prone areas, HDPE offers years of cost savings due to its strength, resistance to moisture, and low maintenance design. Solid plastic restroom partitions are best suited for health clubs, recreation centers, pools, stadiums, schools, and other high traffic restrooms.

Commercial Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions
FREE Quote 877-483-9270




Things To Look For When Buying Wall Mounted Modular Lockers Made In USA

September 12th, 2017 by
Discount Industrial Grade Wall Mounted Modular Lockers For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Prices

Wall Mounted Modular Lockers – FREE Quote 877-482-9270

Our Wall Mounted Modular Lockers offers practical storage where space is at a premium. With four private box compartments with a hanging area for coats, uniforms, and jackets, this locker is functional for all of your storage needs. When wall mounted, the floor below is kept clear for easy cleaning and space saving. Remove the coat rod and these four compartment units can also be set on counters or cabinets. The Vented Wall Mounted Modular Metal Locker Units are great for smaller areas and come with four compartments and the maximum amount of ventilation through the door. Each locker compartment is 12 inches square, which makes them ideal for small items such as gym shoes. Contact XPB Locker & Supply for a free quote.




Commercial Wall Mounted Modular Lockers
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Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins On Sale Now! Made 100% In USA

September 3rd, 2017 by
Discount Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins For Sale - Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Prices In Houston, Austin, Dallas & Houston, Texas

Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins are available in many configurations to service from 3 to 8 users at a time. Configurations are available in these applications:

1) In Corner Wash Fountain

2) Double Station Wall Mount

3) Semi Circular

4) Circular

These industrial hand wash basins are pre-configured with Brass Fittings and meet plumbing code requirements for industrial grade building codes for the USA. Corner applications are the excellent solution where space is limited. Choose from 3 or 4 User configurations, Wall Mount meet small corner areas to large industrial hand stations. Please call us for a free quote on your Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins.

Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins
FREE Quote 877-483-9270 


Heavy Duty Metal U-Leg Backless Park Benches Ideal For HOA’s – On Sale Now!

August 23rd, 2017 by
Discount Commercial Grade U-Leg Backless Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Dallas, Austin, Houston Corpus Christi & San Antonio Texas

Commercial U-Leg Backless Park Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Give Walkers and Joggers a Spot to Catch Their Breath
If your community has a lot of residents who are fitness buffs, a few U-Leg Backless Park Benches situated along walking and jogging trails can give them several spots to stop and take a breather when they need it. Backless benches come in as many style and colors as out benches with back rests, and their lower profile isn’t as imposing as some of the larger benches.

Our U-Leg Backless Wire Bench has a welded wire seat, 11-gauge steel legs, and the same protective Thermoplastic coating that’s on our larger benches. You also have the same choice of 16 colors and two faux stone finishes, either sandstone or granite.

Whether your community association is in the market for a few benches for a swimming pool or playground area, several benches to scatter throughout the whole neighborhood, or even just a few around the association office, XPB Lockers has just what you need to make everyone happy. Our benches are built to last, and look great doing it. 

Commercial U-Leg Backless Park Benches
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Durable Metal Outdoor Picnic Tables On Sale Now! 100% Made In America

August 16th, 2017 by
Commercial Metal Outdoor Picnic Tables For Sale - Buy Direct Form Manufacturer And Save Money Today!

Metal Outdoor Picnic Tables – FREE Quote 877-843-9270

What else is a park for besides picnics in the great outdoors? When you provide several Metal Outdoor Picnic Tables for people to enjoy an open-air lunch or snack, you’ll encourage more individuals, couples, groups and families to use your grounds.

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best. That’s why our Y-Base Metal ADA Picnic Tables are so popular. They have the classic rectangular saying with long, attached bench seats, and they’re also ADA compliant so more people can enjoy them. And with perforated metal with your choice of colorful, protective Thermoplastic coatings, cleanup is easier and the benches will last longer.

Metal Outdoor Picnic Tables
FREE Quote 877-843-9270