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Metal Lockers for Education Facilities

June 1st, 2017 by

Our Metal Lockers for Education Facilities are found all across the country in schools.  Our standard metal hall way lockers are an excellent choice for school students because they are durable and the most economical of all lockers.  These lockers can be delivered to your site unassembled or assembled.

These Metal Lockers are constructed from 16 gauge steel and are an economical locker solution for personal storage needs. They are available in single-tier, double-tier, triple-tier, and 5 or 6 tier box styles.  Our standard width locker is 12 inches wide and the extra wide locker is 15 inches wide.  Our standard lockers are available in heights of five and six feet while the extra wide models are available in a height of six feet only.  The legs will add an additional 6 inches of height.  The standard lockers are available in depths of 12, 15, and 18 inches while the extra wide lockers are only available in 15 and 18 inch depths. Both standard and extra wide lockers feature a lift up handle and recessed hasp and can accommodate a built-in combination or key lock or a padlock


Fire Extinguishers

May 22nd, 2017 by

Fire is no respecter of persons, and you never know when or where it might strike. In 2013 alone, there were 100,500 non-residential fires reported in the United States. The National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) says those events accounted for 1,500 injuries, the loss of about 70 lives and about $2.6 billion in property loss.

While the number of reported fires tends to be on the decline, down about 17,000 from a decade ago and about 50,000 from 1993, the dangers are as apparent as they ever were. That’s why it’s imperative to have the right type and number of fire extinguishers for the job and location.

What Class of Fire Could Happen at Your School or Business?
The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors or NACHI explains that there are five different types or classes of fires, each one with a different source.

  • Class A: Wood, paper, cloth, trash and other ordinary combustible materials
  • Class B: Gasoline, oil, kerosene, paint, grease and other flammable liquids
  • Class C: Fires of electric origin such as outlets, lights, circuit breakers, wires and electrical devices
  • Class D: Combustible metals and combustible metal alloys such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and titanium, often occurring in chemical labs
  • Class K: Cooking fats and oils, usually in the kitchen

OSHA says that for each type of fire extinguisher, there are different rules that govern how many you need and where they must be located. Where Class A fires are possible, one extinguisher within 75 feet is required. Class B spacing is 50 feet. For class C, spacing and location depend on its proximity to class A and B hazards. Class D requires an extinguisher within 75 feet, and class K must have one extinguisher within 3 feet.

At XPB Locker, we offer a wide range of fire extinguishers in varying sizes and for different fire classifications. Large or small, they might be the only thing that stands between a fire and the protection of your school or business and the people in it.


All Welded Lockers

May 9th, 2017 by

Incorporate the superior design features of the All Welded Lockers. Most lockers have some ventilation. But some areas need maximum breathability so that the gear stored inside can have a chance to dry instead of becoming smelly or breeding mildew. Gyms where sweaty gear gets put away needs the most ventilation possible. Our All Welded Lockers take ventilation up a few notches, with top and bottom perforations on the locker doors.

For smaller areas, our Vented Wall Mounted Modular Metal Locker Units come with four compartments and the maximum amount of ventilation through the door. Each locker compartment is 12 inches square, which makes them ideal for small items such as gym shoes. Call us today at 1-877-483-9270 for a free quote. We’ll work with you to design and build exactly the right lockers for your project.


Aquatic Bathroom Partitions

April 30th, 2017 by

Aquatic-Commercial-Bathroom-PartitionsAquatic Bathroom Partitions are GREENGUARD Certified because phenolic is a low emitting material.  Because it is also bacterial and oil resistant, partitions made from phenolic core can also be used to construct showers.  Solid Phenolic partitions is a unique material designed especially for full water contact. It is ideal for high humidity areas, or where hose-down cleaning methods are used.

While they are more expensive than solid plastic partitions, they are preferred by facilities where hygiene is a paramount consideration.  They are difficult to damage, but also rather costly to repair if they are vandalized.  Generally they are located in very large facilities with sufficient budget to cover the cost of repairs or replacements, or with sufficient security to minimize the risk of intentional harm to materials.

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Durable Outdoor Seating

April 20th, 2017 by

Renaissance-Park-BenchOutdoor locations, such as parks, lunch break areas, commons, school grounds and others, are more complete and more usable with the right durable outdoor furniture. With XPB Lockers, you have so many choices, the most difficult part isn’t finding what you want; it’s narrowing those choices down.

For your outdoor project, we have the right selection at the right price to make everyone happy.

Sit and Relax for a While

Outdoor seating ranges from basic to something extra special. We have no-frills aluminum benches, steel benches with an array of different options, personalized benches that promote your message, and individual metal patio chairs that can mount to the surface, or not.

If the classics are more your style, you can’t find a bench that’s more classic than our Renaissance Park Bench. With its white oak slats and metal scrollwork arms and legs that look like iron but won’t rust, this is the park bench that you’d see in the movies.Request A Quote


Choices for Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers

April 12th, 2017 by

Commercial-Paper-Towel-DispensersChoosing the best paper towel dispenser for a commercial restroom layout  depends on the amount of traffic and type of towel  you wish to use. There are Folded Towels and Roll Towel type dispensers. The folded towel dispensers  two types of folding towels, one style folds into half and the other folds into a “C” configuration. These dispensers operate manually. The towel rolls have  a 800 foot continuous towel fitted to a 1 1/2″ diameter core and fit into a dispensers that operate automatically, via push button or lever, or manually.Request A Quote

Based on your restroom layout, amount of traffic, and construction format,  there is a variety of commercial paper towel dispensers choices that will work  for every environment.


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions

April 2nd, 2017 by

Heavy-Duty-Stainless-Steel-Restroom-PartitionsHeavy Duty Stainless Steel Restroom Partition materials are designed to resist this corrosion and lower replacement costs when considering best material options, stainless steel restroom dividing materials are fabricated with two sheets of 22 gauge metal  separated by a moisture resistant honeycomb core.  The finished edges are conformed to lock together to provide a tight fit without additional molding. Chromed Zamac hardware is included or optional upgrades include continuous brackets and hinges for areas requiring the most privacy.

Choose from four installation applications. The Ceiling Braced Application leaves the floor area below free and clear of any obstructions, the Floor to Ceiling Application offers the tightest fit and most privacy, Floor Mounted Overhead Braced offer great privacy with 80″ high Pilasters, and Floor Braced are great for restrooms with low ceilings.

Material choices include Stainless Steel with a smooth brushed finish, textured with a weaved basket like finish and Leather Grain which looks like a piece of leather doodled with range marks.Request A Quote

Stainless Steel restroom partitions offer the best material options for tough environments that require strong and sturdy long lasting materials that stand up in harsh environments. Durable stainless steel materials are offered in 4 Applications and 3 Textures for these demanding settings


Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions

March 21st, 2017 by

Plastic-Laminate-Bathroom-PartitionsPlastic laminate bathroom partitions combine design flexibility with affordable cost. The high pressure laminate finishes, bonded under pressure to a solid impact-resistant particle board core. Edge banding of all components prior to face lamination ensures optimum water runoff and durability.

These bathroom partitions are offered in a complement of designer colors. Available in all styles. The plastic laminate toilet partitions material is a high-pressure impact resistant laminate with a particle board core, sometimes seen in counter tops and kitchen cabinets or drawers.These plastic laminate restroom stalls are inexpensive and versatile material. Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, these toilet compartments are readily available in hundreds of colors.

Our Plastic Laminate Bathroom Partitions are made to order. It is totally your choice of commercial bathroom stall material. You can choose from Plastic Laminate bathroom stalls , Powder coated toilet partitions, Solid Plastic toilet stalls, Phenolic restroom dividers, as well as Stainless Steel toilet enclosures. These are all in stock or built to order.Request A Quote


Commercial Bathroom Installation

March 6th, 2017 by

Commercial-Bathroom-InstallationCommercial Bathroom Installation

While there are a number of ways to cut costs on commercial bathroom installation, one thing you should never cut corners on is product quality.  A great businessman once said, “I have no quarrel with a man whom has a lower price.  He, more than anyone, knows what his product is really worth.”

Always remember this when shopping online.  If you look hard enough, you will find something priced at a cost that you cannot resist…and almost always regret it when it later fails to meet spec.

  • Floor-Mounted, Overhead-Braced – The most economical choice, and the fastest available option. This style is ideal for wood or concrete floors. Pilasters mount to floor and panels mount to walls, with anodized aluminum anti-grip headrail run across the top for additional strength and support.
  • Floor-Mounted – Requires a minimum 2″ thick concrete floor for proper installation. Pilasters mount to floor, panels mount to wall. Top for the partitions is flush, ideal for areas with low ceilings.
  • Ceiling-Hung – Requires structural steel ceiling supports for proper installation. Pilasters mount to the ceiling, and panels mount to walls. This style leaves an unobstructed floor area for efficient cleaning.
  • Floor-to-Ceiling – Recommended to be installed into steel ceiling supports and a concrete floor. Pilasters mount to both floor and ceiling, and panels mount to walls.

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XPB Locker also has its own team of professional installers who are available for local installations. And even if you are installing the partitions you ordered and have a question you need answered, you can call us toll-free at (877) 483-9270 to speak with one of our installers.



Restroom Dispensers

February 27th, 2017 by


Toilet-Paper-Restroom-DispenserXPB Lockers has several categories of restroom dispensers on our website.  Most are intended to perform more than one task for the comfort and convenience of the guest, and for the conservation of money and resource on the part of the organization

Facial Tissue

You need to separate facial tissue from toilet paper to be truly kind to your guests.  You can put a facial tissue dispenser anywhere in a school, hospital, daycare, or commercial building and create an entirely new level of comfort.  You can buy these fixtures in either surface mounted design or recessed design.

Toilet Tissue and Toilet Seat Cover

These restroom dispensers provide toilet paper and toilet seat covers.  You can choose from several different spool configurations, paper control access, and mounting options of recessed, semi-recessed, and full recessed.  Full recessed partition mounts have dispenser units on both sides of a single fixture that resides in a frame within the partition.

Paper Towel and Combo Waste Disposal UnitsRestroom-Dispensers

Combo paper town and waste disposal restroom dispensers eliminate paper towel wastes.  Putting the trash receptacle in the unit eliminates the need for a separate trash can that normally overflows sooner rather than later.

Capacities for paper towel waste disposal range from 3-11 gallons, approximately.  Dispensers can provide single-fold, double-fold, and multi-fold paper towels.