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Solid Plastic Gear Sports Lockers Are Wider And Deeper Than Standard Lockers

November 24th, 2017 by

Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers are wider and deeper than standard lockers, offering more room for uniforms, heavy gear and other bulky equipment. Comprised of highly durable solid high-density polyethylene plastic containing 30-percent pre-consumer content, Lenox Lockers stand up to harsh, high-traffic and moist environments as well as damage, reducing maintenance repairs and costs, especially compared with metal lockers.

Our Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers feature a midsection storage area that is completely open to the air so that uniforms can dry quickly and day clothes can remain fresh throughout the day.  Standard plastic lockers feature vented doors just like previous generations of metal lockers did.  This allows for more than enough air to circulate through the locker interior to keep personal items fresh, and to allow sweaty clothes to air out. Contact XPB Lockers & Supply for a free quote on your solid plastic gear lockers.


Metal Lockers For Schools & Universities – What Are The Options?

July 25th, 2017 by
Discount Commercial Metal Lockers For Sale

Metal Lockers For Schools – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Different schools have different needs. Even when it comes to storage lockers, what works for one school may not be ideal for another. Even within a school, different uses call for different types of lockers. Storage lockers can serve different purposes than metal lockers. That is why we offer a large assortment of Metal Lockers for Schools models. When you need to make a decision on storage lockers, give us a call. We have years of experience dealing with metal lockers and can recommend models that will be right for your institution’s needs. We will happily provide you with a free consultation and even diagram how your locker room would look. Combine inexpensive, high quality metal lockers with our superior customer service and you have the ultimate solution for your institutional storage needs with XPB Locker and Supply!

Metal Lockers For Schools
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Learn How Welded Lockers Takes Ventilation Up A Few Notches

May 9th, 2017 by
Commercial Discounted All Welded Metal Lockers For Sale - FREE Space Planning CAD Drawing With Every Quote

All Welded Lockers – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Incorporate the superior design features of the All Welded Lockers. Most lockers have some ventilation. But some areas need maximum breathability so that the gear stored inside can have a chance to dry instead of becoming smelly or breeding mildew. Gyms where sweaty gear gets put away needs the most ventilation possible. Our All Welded Lockers take ventilation up a few notches, with top and bottom perforations on the locker doors.

For smaller areas, our Vented Wall Mounted Modular Metal Locker Units come with four compartments and the maximum amount of ventilation through the door. Each locker compartment is 12 inches square, which makes them ideal for small items such as gym shoes. Call us today at 1-877-483-9270 for a free quote. We’ll work with you to design and build exactly the right lockers for your project.

All Welded Metal Locker Room Lockers
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Sturdy Commercial Metal Lockers

June 10th, 2016 by

Sturdy-Commercial-Metal-LockersXPB Locker and Restroom Supply offers school lockers, gym lockers, office lockers, military lockers, athletic lockers, sport or stadium lockers as well as Policeman lockers & Fireman Lockers. School lockers and gym lockers are a great way to solve your student, athlete or even personnel storage needs. These steel lockers secure personal belongings for protection and safe-keeping.

Even if commercial metal lockers only have one user per day, that’s still a lot of stress on the lock. In facilities such as health clubs, where customers come and go, locks might go through several different users every day. So you’ll need materials that can stand up to abuse.

Solid, sturdy fabrication is more important than the cost in the long run. A less expensive lock might seem like a bargain, but replacing it too soon means you’ll really pay more. In areas such as schools, where the users might be tougher than usual, investing in a sturdy lock the first time can save hundreds of dollars per lock in the long run.

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Call XPB Lockers and Restroom Supply for your metal lockers needs and they will be sure to assist you with the best Factory Direct Pricing. Call now! 1-877-483-9270


Lighthouse for the Blind

June 20th, 2014 by

Employee-Metal-LockersProject Overview

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind contacted XPB Locker and scheduled the installation of metal lockers for their new facility.  This facility provides training, independent living assistance, and a variety of jobs for visually impaired persons.  One portion of this facility was a 4500 square foot work area dedicated to the manufacturing of components used in the aerospace industry.  XPB  Locker was the preferred vendor awarded the project because of our reputation for rapid, error-free, and affordable turnkey installation services which we provide to clients throughout Texas.

Metal Lockers-Features, Advantages, Benefits

The primary advantage that SALB found in this particular line of lockers was storage volume.  With an 18 inch depth, combined with a six foot height and 15 inch width, the lockers provided workers with plenty of storage space.  Since these employees were working in manufacturing, it was necessary to provide them with storage units in which they could hang extra sets of clothing, organize personal items. and secure their valuables.  This particular line of products comes with three hooks for hanging clothes–two on the wall, and one in the ceiling–and one shelf.  While the lockers can be built with optional built in combination locks, SALB decided to use personal locks that were easier for visually impaired persons to use. Request A Quote

Location and Details of Installation

We installed a total of three rows of metal lockers in the 4500 square foot manufacturing area.  Two rows were located along the walls to either side of the entrance.  The third row was located along the back wall.  The most important aspect of the installation was to ensure that none of the doors stuck when closed.  Since this was a new construction, both the flooring and the wall were sufficiently level to facilitate a seamless installation without incident.


Ways to Save Money on Metal Lockers

November 2nd, 2012 by

Go 60 inches instead of 72

Very tall lockers have been designed to hold specialized gear or clothes neatly stored on hangers.  If you are storing personal items, valuables, folded clothing, or smaller pieces of equipment, you can save money on metal lockers and still meet your storage needs with units configured at 60” in height rather than 72”.  This one foot difference is not noticeable in most everyday applications and saves considerable manufacturing costs.

Louvered door rather than vented door

Louvers are really a form of ventilation.  You have seen them all your life and may have thought of them as “ventilation slits” because that’s what they look like.  In today’s terminology, the term “ventilated” normally refers to some kind of perforation that exposes a large amount of the locker unit’s interior to airflow.  This is really only needed for very sweaty clothing and volatile chemicals.  Most things you store on a daily basis do just fine in lockers with louvered doors.

Standard in house colors

When building a locker room, you can save money on metal lockers by purchasing them in the basic gray, tan, or blue standard colors.  Most of us grew up going to gym classes with these colored lockers and never really noticed them.  Unless you need something super cosmetic, the same old colors we have seen all our lives will do just fine.

Using free standing on wall

It is much less expensive to install lockers free standing along the wall than it is to build them into the wall.  Even semi-recessed installations, especially in reconstruction projects, take considerably more investment than free-standing units.  Lockers are built to be stable no matter how they are mounted.  If you have plenty of wall space to hold all your units, this is a very simple, and very highly effective way to save money on metal lockers.

Use your own locks

Good combination locks are cheap and can be purchased online in bulk or bought at any hardware store.  You can order your lockers with standard hasps and supply your users with their own combination locks.

Unassembled rather than assembled (for small lockers)

You can also save money on metal lockers by buying them unassembled.  Typically smaller units that number 10 or less can be put together in a matter of hours.  Obviously an entire locker room with larger lockers should be ordered assembled.  However, many retail stores and businesses that provide employees with personal storage lockers can significantly reduce order costs by buying lockers for garages and break rooms unassembled.

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