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Commercial Restroom Lavatory Systems On Sale Now! 100% Made In America

January 7th, 2018 by
Commercial Restroom Lavatories For Sale - Wholesale Direct From Manufacturer Discount Prices

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The Bradley Verge Lavatory System is composed of a natural quartz material that combines the elegance of stone with the eco-friendliness of a bio-based resin. XPB Locker and Supply provide the highest quality option in terms of handwashing with a Bradley Verge Lavatory System. The Verge Sinks come in three different series to provide your commercial restroom with the ultimate customization to meet your application’s specifications.┬áThe L-Series, R-Series and G-Series come in one, two and three person models and are specially designed for handling washroom traffic quickly and economically. Call us for a free quote on your commercial restroom layout for lavatories and sinks.

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