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Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions

July 18th, 2017 by

Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions are the most popular application for commercial restroom design and reconstruction. The floor braced pilasters stand 80″ high,  anchor to the floor and are finished with a stainless steel shoe. The top of the pilaster is fitted with a 2″ high Aluminum Continuous Brace that journeys from the structural wall across each pilaster and attach to the opposite wall for a Between the Walls Application. Or, aluminum bracing can take a 90 degree turn and journeys to a back wall for an In Corner Application. The shoe holds the pilaster into place and the Aluminum overhead bracing gives additional reinforcement to the entire compartment.

XPB Locker provides complete design and turnkey installation services throughout the state of Texas. We can supply you with all the components and install them for you as well. Call us for a Free Quote to start you bathroom partitions project.


Commercial Bathroom Stall Dividers

May 29th, 2015 by

Commercial-Bathroom-Stall-DividersCommercial bathroom stall dividers do more than serve a privacy function, or at least they can. With the broad range of materials, configurations, and installation possibilities that are available from XPB Lockers, you can design and create an attractive, functional bathroom that stands up to regular use, routine cleaning, and sanitization.

If you’re working with odd corners, unusually high ceilings, spaces where more than one wall intersects with the restroom stall area, or anything else that requires something different, you can find it with XPB Lockers. Our Quick Ship Solid Plastic Between Wall partitions allow you to choose between 1 and 4 stalls that fit between existing walls in the floor plan. And they’re available in 6 baked enamel colors. Request A Quote


Commercial Bathroom Dividers

May 27th, 2010 by

1) Which Commercial Bathroom Dividers are the most economical?

The Baked Enamel line of bathroom dividers is the most economical and provides excellent value for the price.

2) Which Commercial Bathroom Dividers are most rust resistant?

Commercial bathroom dividers made from plastic, stainless steel, and/or granite are the most rust resistant.

3) Which Commercial Bathroom Dividers are the most expensive?

The Fusion Granite line of dividers is the most expensive but it is also considered the most elegant.

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