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Custom Personalized Park Benches For Sale – Made 100% In America

January 18th, 2018 by
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Custom personalized park benches are used by many different types of organizations.  

They are popular with religious, civic, commercial, and municipal organizations and can be found in a variety of environments.  Custom benches communicate messages in a powerful way.  They are seen by visitors to the establishment and serve as a continual reminder of a thought, a memorable individual, or an organizational brand.  Just a few of examples of their uses include:

  • Churches often dedicate benches to a parishioner who dedicated his or her life in service to the congregation.
  • Municipalities use custom benches to commemorate key historical figures from their community.
  • Public schools will brand their benches with images of their mascot to reinforce school spirit.
  • City governments will honor contributors to parks and public works projects by displaying their names on benches.
  • Some corporations will customize their benches with a brand or mission statement.
  • Some organizations buy custom personalized park benches to deter theft. ( While it may be easy to steal a custom bench, it is almost impossible to hide it.)

XPB Locker offers three styles of customization.

  1. Personalized benches feature words or basic images made from the metal itself.  With some bench models, the logo or commemoration is cut out of the pattern.  With other models, lettering is welded onto the bench back.  This type of customization is particularly noticeable when sunlight is shining through the bench from behind the inscription.
  2. Multicolor custom personalized benches use contrast to emphasize the inscription.  Letters and images are manufactured into the bench itself, just like they are with the first method.  However, a secondary color is used for the artwork and fonts.  This sharpens the definition of the message, which stands out regardless of the position of the sun or level of natural lighting.
  3. Sublimation benches impresses full color artwork onto the bench with a process that is guaranteed to retain its coloring for five years.  This method is preferred by organizations who wish to emphasize their brand or tell a story through advanced, detailed artwork.  

Custom personalized park benches come in many different models.

Some of our more popular lines included diamond metal benches, U-leg wire mesh backless benches, angle-iron benches, the highly popular Northgate bench, and roll-formed benches.  Customization fonts include Buddy Sans, Letterman, Sans Bold Medium, Sans Condensed, Serif, Smallprint, Stencil, and the new Tribute Script.   

Custom personalized park benches come with a 5-year warranty.

Custom Personalized Park Benches
FREE Quote 877-483-9720


Memorial Park Benches

August 26th, 2010 by

What is a memorial park bench?

It is a bench made in a rolled form design. It can be perforated or standard six or eight foot rolled form. A custom engraved plaque commemorates the live of an individual who personified virtue, heroism, sacrifice, faith, or astounding success.

Where are memorial park benches used?

One place you always find them is in public parks. They honor the person who founded the park, or the person the park was named after.

Schools use them to remember special teachers and students who die tragically. Remembering a fallen student is done for more than sentimental reasons (although sentiment is important, no doubt).

The psychological impact of an untimely death takes a terrible toll on the minds of people who knew the departed. This kind of trauma can shatter the mass consciousness of an entire student body. Memorials that honor the individual are a tangible and very necessary psychological tool of healing.

Do churches use memorial park benches?

Yes. When a small church grows larger and moves into a new building, the pastor who founded the small church will sometimes be commemorated.

Also, as it is with schools, young people in a church who die and untimely death will be honored as well. The passing of someone who appears to be the best and brightest often brings a crisis of faith to people of all ages in the church community.

Nothing can really “make sense” of such a tragedy.” However, a heartfelt reminder of the person’s love and faith functions as an existential testimony to the value of life as having an intrinsic purpose in its own right that does not require the validations of dogma and tradition to establish its divine merit.

Do businesses use memorial park benches?

Believe it or not, yes they do. Commerative seating is used to honor founders and early achievers in an organization so as to serve as a reminder to new blood not to forget their roots. Times and business cycles may change, but the core values of the institution often remain the same.

Do governments use these benches in any capacity?

Yes. As much as we all love to ridicule politicians, at the end of the day we always end up liking some of them. Many of our historically greatest leaders were despised by their contemporaries because their true greatness was not recognized until long after their lives were over.

If we consider the fact that many of these people gave the best years of their lives in service to people who never appreciated the, it seems only fair and fitting to honor them posthumously on government grounds.

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