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Accessible, Secure & Durable Post Mounted Mailboxes – Things To Know

February 12th, 2018 by
USPS Post Mounted Mailboxes

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There is something uniquely Americana about post mounted mailboxes.  Some of us remember growing up in a home with a mailbox at the end of the driveway.  In the summertime, when school was out, our mothers would ask us to watch for the mailman.  For us, it was an excuse to go play in the front yard.  For them, it was a chance to keep an eye on us while they taught us responsibility.  While many have forgotten these days, you can keep them alive by installing a post mounted mailbox in your own little island of America.  XBP has all sorts of single, double, and even 4 box posts like the ones shown in the picture.  Whether you live in the country, a small town, or the big city, we have a mailbox that is right for you.  

XPB Locker also has larger post mounted cluster mailboxes designed for planned communities.  These mailboxes are usually located either at the entrance to the community or somewhere near the community center.  Rather than going from house to house along a long, winding road that could stretch for miles, mail carriers can deliver all of the mail at once to a single location.  Residents returning from work can stop by the mailbox on the way to their homes.  Or, residents working in their homes can take a break, pick up their mail at the community center, and spend a few minutes catching up with neighbors before returning home.

Stores and office parks can also follow this same principle by installing commercial post mounted mailboxes outside the entrance to the building.  Many businesses prefer this because they consider daily mail delivery a needless interruption of the office.  Mail carriers in large cities also appreciate the convenience of making a single, central stop along a very busy and demanding urban route.  Often too, the property managers of these business centers will install trash cans beside the mailboxes so tenants can sort out the junk mail on the spot.

Browse through our selection of post mounted mailboxes today and choose the best model for your home, church, office, or retail center.     

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Post Mounted Cluster Mailbox Are A Postal Specialty – Made In USA

August 1st, 2017 by
Discount Post Mounted Cluster Mailboxes For Sale At Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Prices!

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We are sure our Mailbox Postal Specialties will accommodate your needs when looking to purchase mailboxes. XPB Lockers products can be found in communities throughout the United States, including apartment buildings, condominiums, colleges and universities, office buildings, medical centers, military bases, government buildings and more. We have optional postal specialties that you can choose from also.

Optional Mailboxes Add Convenience

Commercial USPS Approved Post Mounted Cluster Mailboxes For Sale - Manufacturer Direct Prices

USPS Approved Post Mounted Cluster Mailboxes – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

You can add more features to your pack and ship store or outdoor mail location with a few of the different optional pieces and accessories that we carry. For example, a Pedestal Drop Box comes in regular, large and jumbo sizes, and gives patrons and business owners a secure location to drop off mail for collection. Our Courier Boxes provide the same
convenience, but for large parcels and special couriers.

For business owners and patrons alike, our Parcel Locker Wall Mounted gives recessed installation for security, and provides as-needed space to receive packages. Give us a call so we can help you decide which mailbox postal specialties are needed for you project.

USPS Approved Post Mounted Cluster Mailboxes
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USPS Approved Community Mailboxes

August 30th, 2015 by

USPS-Approved-Community-MailboxesAny USPS Approved Community Mailboxes that will be used in the U.S. need to meet or exceed the requirements set by the U.S. Postal Service. The U.S.P.S. regularly updates their mail receptacle requirements, but the local postmaster may also have special ones for certain locations.

Because most community mailboxes are mounted or installed outdoors, resistance to the elements and harsh weather extremes is a must. Durable metal, such as aluminum, that resists rust and finishes that offer additional protection keep the unit safe from damage so that it can keep residents’ mail secure.

Our 13-Door Cluster Mail Box Unit with Parcel Locker has a weather protection flap, and the corrosion-resistant fabrication gets additional protection from one of 6 different powder coated finishes. You can choose from sandstone, bronze, black, green, white, or gray. Optional pedestals have the same fabrication and finish choices.

Secure Locking Mechanisms
Locks might keep honest people honest, but they also help keep dishonest people from tampering with the mail. Community mailboxes need a means for postal carriers to access the interior and deposit or collect mail without compromising the security.

Our 8-Door Cluster Mail Box Unit with Parcel Locker has a heavy-duty 5-pin cylinder cam lock to keep the mail safe and sound. The front access features master locking panels, which means mail carriers can open all of them, but each user only has access to his or her own box.Request A Quote



Community Mailboxes

June 2nd, 2015 by

Community-Cluster-MailboxesCommunity mailboxes might not be the most exciting of features in your neighborhood, but designing and buying the right ones can make life a lot easier for residents. Mail is a sensitive issue, and one that’s protected by federal law. So you need the best mailboxes that you can buy, and XPB Lockers has the right styles at the right price.

All community mailboxes that XPB Lockers carries are designed to work within the postal service guidelines. For example, our 12-Door Cluster Mailbox Unit with Parcel Locker has a secure locking mechanism, rain shield, and secure front access for depositing and retrieving mail. Request A Quote