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Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions For Sale

July 18th, 2017 by
Commercial Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions For Sale Direct From Manufacturer Saves You Money Today!

Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions 
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Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions are the most popular application for commercial restroom design and reconstruction. The floor braced pilasters stand 80″ high,  anchor to the floor and are finished with a stainless steel shoe. The top of the pilaster is fitted with a 2″ high Aluminum Continuous Brace that journeys from the structural wall across each pilaster and attach to the opposite wall for a Between the Walls Application. Or, aluminum bracing can take a 90 degree turn and journeys to a back wall for an In Corner Application. The shoe holds the pilaster into place and the Aluminum overhead bracing gives additional reinforcement to the entire compartment.

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Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Bathroom Partitions
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Overhead Braced Toilet Partitions

July 7th, 2011 by

Our most frequently sold restroom partitions are Bradley Series 400 Sentinel™ Overhead Braced toilet partitions.  This style is ideal for high-traffic and vandal-prone areas, and it requires no special flooring or ceiling construction.  All it needs is a 3 inch minimum concrete base beneath the floor, which virtually all floor have.  This makes the Series 400 ideal for both new constructions and restroom remodeling.  

There are five different types of materials used to make overhead braced restroom partitions.  Each materials offers specific economic benefit as well as financial advantage.  Weigh your budget against the usage and decorative demands of your bathrooms to determine which of these materials will best serve you.  

Baked enamel is the most cost effective material used to manufacture overhead braced toilet partitions.  Enamel is oven baked and pressured around a 22 gauge steel panel to result in a very fine, mar resistant finish.  The resulting seamless design prevent water from seeping in and rusting the metal. 

Plastic Laminate is the second most cost effective material used in making overhead braced restroom partitions.  It is manufactured by sandwiching industrial grade particle board core between a high-pressure plastic laminate that bond to its surface and create a very decorative appearance. 

The mid range price point material used to construct overhead braced toilet partitions is Solid Core Phenolic.  Phenolic is a tough, synthetic, durable, industrial resin that is pressed and formed into a solid sheet.

Bradmar Solid Plastic is a Bradley’s patented form of HDPE (high density polyethylene plastic) that is molded into a 1” thick panel. It is also a mid-range price point.  HDPE plastic offers you the advantage of a contiguously colored surface because all of the material is the same color throughout.  You have 21 colors to choose from.   

Stainless Steel overhead braced toilet partitions are the premium price point restroom divider option.  They are made from 20 gauge 300 series stainless steel and feature a seamless design that gives them maximum integrity against water penetration that could cause rust from the inside. 

You can install overhead braced restroom partitions in four different layouts. 

You can install them in a between-wall configuration that involves building one or more stalls between two lateral walls.

You can install them in an open end layout where one stall attaches to a side wall and the other is not attached. 

You can also install them in a free standing layout have no compartments attached to lateral walls on either side.

You can also install a single stall in a corner with an end panel in what is called an alcove layout

You can create compartments ranging from 36 inches to 60 inches using overhead braced toilet partitions.  The larger stalls are good for ADA compliance.

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