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Heavy Duty Metal U-Leg Backless Park Benches Ideal For HOA’s – On Sale Now!

August 23rd, 2017 by
Discount Commercial Grade U-Leg Backless Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Dallas, Austin, Houston Corpus Christi & San Antonio Texas

Commercial U-Leg Backless Park Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Give Walkers and Joggers a Spot to Catch Their Breath
If your community has a lot of residents who are fitness buffs, a few U-Leg Backless Park Benches situated along walking and jogging trails can give them several spots to stop and take a breather when they need it. Backless benches come in as many style and colors as out benches with back rests, and their lower profile isn’t as imposing as some of the larger benches.

Our U-Leg Backless Wire Bench has a welded wire seat, 11-gauge steel legs, and the same protective Thermoplastic coating that’s on our larger benches. You also have the same choice of 16 colors and two faux stone finishes, either sandstone or granite.

Whether your community association is in the market for a few benches for a swimming pool or playground area, several benches to scatter throughout the whole neighborhood, or even just a few around the association office, XPB Lockers has just what you need to make everyone happy. Our benches are built to last, and look great doing it. 

Commercial U-Leg Backless Park Benches
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Backless Benches

December 7th, 2010 by

Backless benches are great for any place indoors or out. They can be used in sports for locker room seats and sideline seating. They can also be used both indoors and outdoors at shopping malls. You will also see them everywhere in parks, public schools, bus stops, college buildings and outdoor areas, and business parks.

Backless benches are made rugged construction using treatment process that makes them resistant to weather extremes, variable climate, and vandalism.

Every bench has a perforated metal seat that is welded to a sturdy metal frame with legs. Instead of complicated support arms, benches are made with curved, u-like bars that are slightly higher than the end of the bench. This gives you sufficient arm rest or hand grip.

To keep the metal from rusting and corroding, thermoplastic powder coating is needed to cover the entirety of its surface. Adhering this coating to the metal is done by giving it an electrical charge, then giving the backless bench an opposing electrical charge. This magnetically bonds the powder coat to the metal.

Then the bench is baked at high temperatures to thicken the coat into a tough surface that is UV resistant, will not fade, and will not crack or peel. Should anyone cut the material, a heat gun can easily reseal the cut.

Backless benches are made with pre-drilled holes that give you three options for mounting.

The most basic is the portable mount, which is also the most convenient because you can carry the bench around. This offers no protection against theft; however, so most people prefer the surface mount. This bolts the bench directly to the concrete. If you need to move the bench, you can always unbolt the legs.

If you need to mount your backless bench straight into the ground, but you don’t have a concrete surface, then you need to use in-ground mounting is required. First, drill holes in the ground, then place the legs of the bench in the holes. The legs will come prefabricated with long extensions to set in the holes. Pour concrete around them and the bench will be anchored when the concrete dries.

You can also buy backless benches for athletic uses.

We have indoor benches for locker rooms made from wood, metal, and plastic. Plastic is the most resistant to denting and scratching. Wood is the least expensive, and aluminum is very comfortable. Outdoor benches range from standard models to diamond-slotted seats designed for maximum comfort.

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