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Do Employee Storage Lockers Help Secure Employee’s Possessions?

December 3rd, 2017 by
Quality Employee Storage Lockers On Sale Now! Wholesale Manufacturer Direct Pricing In Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi And Houston, Texas

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XPB Locker & Supply is your source for Employee Storage Lockers. Many customers need employee storage lockers to help secure employee possessions and clothing. Lockers are essential for any operation.  When ordering an employee locker, you want to consider the application. Many customers prefer solid plastic lockers or corrosion resistant lockers. We also go beyond what the typical distributor sells and provides wood designer lockers, digital lockers and even stainless steel lockers for high tech and food service operations. For convenience we offer most of our employee lockers assembled as well.

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Metal Organizing Lockers

July 29th, 2013 by
Box Vented Metal Lockers

Box Vented Metal Lockers


Our Metal Organizing Lockers are built with solid steel 16-gauge channel frame construction, engineered to provide years of heavy duty repetitive use and service. While most lockers may be found in schools, our lockers can be found in all types of facilities. Having great organization at your facility is important and acceptable when trying to run a productive company. Click here for more information on metal organizing lockers.Request A Quote


School Standard Metal Lockers

January 2nd, 2013 by

Standard School Metal Lockers

School Lockers are offered in various sizes, configurations, materials, colors, and styles. School Lockers can be applied in colleges, elementary school, middle school, and even day care facilities. There are also locker choices for those that work in a school environment such as kitchen staff, janitorial employees, and physical education staff. And there are different functions for lockers such as hall lockers, kitchen lockers, staff lockers, sports lockers, supply storage lockers, and equipment storage lockers. Metal school lockers are configured in many diverse manners to serve the detailed needs of that facility.

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Plastic and Metal Employee Lockers

October 12th, 2010 by

Plastic and metal employee lockers give you many ergonomic option, design features, and color to choose from. This makes it possible for you to customize your environment with the locker of your choice that also meets your needs ideally on a functional level..

Our clients have been businesses and organizations from every spectrum of society.

  • Police and fire departments have bought our lockers to use for uniform storage.
  • Maintenance and repair businesses use our plastic and metal employee lockers for equipment storage and to store protective clothing.
  • Office workers love our box metal lockers for storing personal items, valuables, and even lunch boxes. The offices love them too because each employee has his or her own personal locker to be responsible for and places less demands on the public space of the break room (and the company) for personal storage and potential loss of personal property.

Most organizations initially don’t know if they need to buy plastic or metal employee lockers because they are unclear about the specific benefits offered by both materials. A little clarity on this matter goes a long way to making the right decision.

First, realize metal will never become obsolete. At the same time, plastic is becoming more and more popular because of its longevity, durability, and minimal requirements for maintenance. Put plastic out in the woods, for instance, and it will last a 1000 years after all our major cities have crumbled.

Plastic is therefore the most economical choice for companies who want to avoid having to replace lockers that rust out.

It is also made to be resistant to scratching, denting, and paint chipping, so you don’t have to maintain it as much.

Case studies have shown it do very well in recreational facilities and high humidity environments.

Plastic lockers are not affected by water, salt air, or even chlorine, so it is ideal for public swimming pools, gymnasiums, and public sea parks where you watch the dolphins and the sea lions.

Even so, nothing will ever metal for its ability to constantly circulate air and keep locker contents dry and sanitary.

While durability may be the domain of plastic, metal employee lockers are vented to keep air constantly flowing through their interiors. When you need to store clothing, uniforms, shoes, and special protective coverings that cannot afford to lay in the locker hot and sweaty, metal will keep them dry every time.

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