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Security Metal Sports Foot Lockers Offers Plenty Of Space For Bulky Equipment

October 3rd, 2017 by
Commercial Heavy Duty Steel Sports Foot Lockers For Sale - Direct From The Manufacturer Pricing

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Our Metal Sports Locker with Foot Locker and Security Box offers plenty of space for bulky equipment – plus a separate area for shoes and secure storage for valuables. Sturdy perforated steel stands up to heavy use while allowing for ventilation. Keep smaller items on the upper hat shelf and use the steel coat rod for hanging uniforms and jackets. Assembled and un-assembled units available in two sizes.

Metal lockers have many uses in schools and sports arenas and locker rooms along with many other places like amusement parks, skating rinks etc. Our Metal Sports Lockers are made of the highest quality materials and brought to you at factory prices. We guarantee your satisfaction with the craftsmanship of our lockers which are manufactured in the USA. Contact XPB Lockers  today for pricing and scheduling information.

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Open Access Gear Storage Lockers For Sports & Recreational Facilities – Quick Ship & Affordable Prices

August 23rd, 2016 by
Discount Open Access Gear Lockers For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Cheap Pricing Saves You Money Today!

Open Access Gear Lockers – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Open access lockers are great in numerous settings, including police stations, firehouses and factories. Miners and sporting teams can also benefit from the design of an open access locker. There are different elements of the locker you can decide to include depending on where the lockers will be and who they will need to accommodate.Plastic is a miracle material when it comes to fabricating a secure locker that lasts. Our solid plastic design is heavy-duty and welded along the joints for long wear, even with everyday use and abuse.

The smooth surface cleans up easily and resists graffiti. And in areas where moisture might be a problem, such as shower rooms, rust is never an issue. These lockers resist water and keep their good looks without any corrosion or material breakdown.

Top and Bottom Storage Offers Security
The top and bottom portions of the Open Access Gear Lockers have secure areas where some personal items may be stored without risking theft or damage. At the top, there’s a small locker with small ventilation slats. And at the bottom, there’s a footlocker with additional vents so clothes and shoes can breathe.

Both the top and bottom locker compartments can be securely locked, which means team members or employees have a safe place to store valuables and personal items. Additional open cubby storage at the top offers a spot for items where security isn’t as critical.You also get a choice of storage dimensions. All lockers in this line are 72 inches high. But you can choose from a depth of 24, 30 or 36 inches and widths between 18, 21 and 24 inches. That lets you create the perfect locker storage, no matter how large or small the available space happens to be.

Open Access Gear Lockers are heavy use storage furnishings for busy locations. That’s why XPB Lockers offers tough, water resistant materials that clean up easily. They’re the ideal locker room storage for sports teams, private gyms, emergency responder departments and more.Request A Quote

Call us for more information about these and other lockers at 1-877-483-9270. And to compare this style with the other lockers that we offer, check out our online catalog.

Open Access Gear Storage Lockers
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Sports Stadium Open Access Athletic Dressing Room Lockers

November 29th, 2011 by

Why are open access sports lockers considered to be the best choice for sports stadiums and dressing rooms?

They have no doors, so they provide immediate access to the most important pieces of clothing and equipment that all athletes need.  They have specialized storage areas as well that allow for the organization of smaller pieces of equipment and the secure storage of valuables. 

Are all models basically designed the same way?

They all have three sections, but the dimensions and depths of these sections vary from model to model. 

What materials are used to build them?

These stadium lockers  are made from plastic, which is dent resistant, and corrosion resistant, heavy duty steel, which is vented and thick enough to resist heavy usage, or wood, which contributes a fine aesthetic to dressing room design.

Who uses which type of model?

That varies partly according to preference.  Generally, though, we see a lot of professional sports stadiums and universities using the wooden stadium lockers.  They have a chic look that goes with the winning attitude of a top-notch sports team.

Heavy traffic facilities often use metal open access sports lockers because they are less expensive per unit.  They can be used by a variety of different types of teams that include soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. 

Plastic sports lockers may also be used in these facilities because they are extremely corrosion and vandal resistant.  In fact, some small and mid-sized towns that do not have a sports stadium per se, but rather rely on their civic center for both athletic and non-athletic events, may use plastic open access lockers in dressing rooms because municipal workers can use them to store heavy equipment during off season times of the year.

What is the basic design of an open access sports locker?

It has a top shelf, a long, vertical middle section, and a foot locker that locks at the bottom.

The top part is used as a cubby to store anything from helmets to water bottles to baseball gloves to basketballs.  Essentially, anything an athlete feels can be organized and fit into this space can be stored here.  Some locker models also have a divider that creates closed storage on one side, and open storage on the other. 

Each dressing room locker also has a middle section featuring a long vertical space with a curtain rod where uniforms and clothes can be hung neatly.  There is also plenty of space to store extra jerseys and pants at the bottom, shoes, protective gear, pads, bats, or hockey sticks. 

Finally, each open access sports locker has a locking foot locker compartment at the bottom where players can store their valuables. 

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