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Lavatories and Sinks for High Traffic Restrooms

November 16th, 2015 by

Lavatories-and-Sinks-For-High-Traffic-RestroomsMany Commercial Lavatories and Sinks for High Traffic Restrooms come in standard configurations with a restricted number of basins. If that doesn’t suit your needs, there’s another option.

Our Backsplash and Aprons multi-person lavatory and sink line lets you decide how many wash basins you need. It’s available in any length up to 120 inches long, which gives you plenty of space to outfit your restroom the right way.

Lavatories and Sinks for High Traffic Restrooms can be ordered with infrared, no-touch faucets.  These controls are another vandal resistant measure because they automatically shut the unit off after 30-45 seconds of flow. Call XPB Locker now to see which of these products will benefit your next project the most, or add value to an existing building you occupy that stands in need of renovation.Request A Quote


Multi Person Bathroom Sinks

September 24th, 2015 by

Multi-Person-Bathroom-SinkMulti-person bathroom sinks, such as our Express Lavatory MG-3 with touchless water activation keep hands clear from any potential germs. Add in sensor activated soap dispensers, and you’ve got a cleaner, healthier, safer restroom for everyone.

XPB Locker will fulfill your needs for durable wash fountains that can accommodate multiple users in a limited space. Healthcare facilities, shopping malls, art classrooms and more can benefit from having a mutli person bathroom sinks. Choose from a wide range of sizes and styles to help find the washfountain that fits your application.Request A Quote