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Solid Plastic Gear Sports Lockers Are Wider And Deeper Than Standard Lockers

November 24th, 2017 by

Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers are wider and deeper than standard lockers, offering more room for uniforms, heavy gear and other bulky equipment. Comprised of highly durable solid high-density polyethylene plastic containing 30-percent pre-consumer content, Lenox Lockers stand up to harsh, high-traffic and moist environments as well as damage, reducing maintenance repairs and costs, especially compared with metal lockers.

Our Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers feature a midsection storage area that is completely open to the air so that uniforms can dry quickly and day clothes can remain fresh throughout the day.  Standard plastic lockers feature vented doors just like previous generations of metal lockers did.  This allows for more than enough air to circulate through the locker interior to keep personal items fresh, and to allow sweaty clothes to air out. Contact XPB Lockers & Supply for a free quote on your solid plastic gear lockers.


School Standard Metal Lockers

January 2nd, 2013 by

Standard School Metal Lockers

School Lockers are offered in various sizes, configurations, materials, colors, and styles. School Lockers can be applied in colleges, elementary school, middle school, and even day care facilities. There are also locker choices for those that work in a school environment such as kitchen staff, janitorial employees, and physical education staff. And there are different functions for lockers such as hall lockers, kitchen lockers, staff lockers, sports lockers, supply storage lockers, and equipment storage lockers. Metal school lockers are configured in many diverse manners to serve the detailed needs of that facility.

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