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Products meeting the search criteria
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 Coin Operated Key Locks  Coin Operated Key Locks
[XPB-COKL] Our Coin or Token Operated Coin Retain or Coin Return Key Locks are designed for our Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers and Wood Lockers that are 1" thick. Coin operated Locks are ideal for high traffic areas where guests can securely store their ...MORE

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 Key Lock Box  Key Lock Box
[XPB-10XXXX] Key Lock Boxes are 6"W x 3.25"H x 2"D and constructed of 20 guage steel and finished in a durable powder coating. Key security boxes are available as surface mounted units or recessed mounted units and are available in Aluminum or Brass ...MORE

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 Key Locker Box  Key Locker Box
[XPB-1075] The Key Locker Box is fabricated in zinc and powder coated in black. Key Lockers are available in surface mount or shackle mount and offer a combination of 4 programmable numbers interchangable by owner. Unit is 3"W x 4"H x 2"D. For shippi ...MORE

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 Keys for Combination Locks  Keys for Combination Locks
[XPB-77711] Keys for Combination Lock XPB-77710. Additional two (2) keys. Minimum order requirement. For shipping quotes, orders or questions please call our Customer Service Center at 1-877-483-9270. ...MORE

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 Padlock Key  Padlock Key
[XPB-77725] Key style Padlock with two (2) keys included. Fits all lockers. For shipping quotes, orders or questions please call our Customer Service Center at 1-877-483-9270. ...MORE

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 Programmable Key Locker  Programmable Key Locker
[XPB-1075] **Discontinued** Key Lockers are constructed of zinc and finished in Gray powder coating. Key lockers provide convenient access to stored keys. Key lockers are ideal for quick and easy access to businesses and homes by children, friends, a ...MORE

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1 

Articles meeting search criteria

All Welded Industrial Storage Lockers and Cabinets
Many facilities need a storage unit that offers them strength, security, accessibility, and organizational power all rolled into one.  All welded industrial storage lockers and cabinets combine all four of these attributes for any organization that needs a specialized unit for storing suppli...

Athletic Gym Lockers
In most high school and middle school locker rooms, athletic clothes and towels often remain in the locker unwashed for up to a week at a time.  Athletic gym lockers with vented doors allow free circulation of air to dry out these fabrics.  Vented wire mesh lockers are les...

Box Bridge Lockers
Box Bridge Lockers are lockers that resemble a rectangular arch and optimize the space needs of any given location.  They are very popular in areas where space is limited because the arch or bridge unit is also a set of lockers.  Under the arch or bridge unit is a coat r...

Commercial Mailbox Applications
Commercial Mailbox Applications   Commercial mailbox applications can give you an even higher level of security when it comes to delivering or sending mail. They can provide an extra level of organization when it comes to storing keys, as well as a much needed parcel drop box for larger pa...

Employee Lockers for Factory Restroom Design
Architects can choose from a number of plastic employee lockers for factory restroom design.  Plastic is recommended over metal because of its superior longevity.  In most factory environments, there are all sorts of airborne agents that will corrode metal.  Many factories are also...

Health Club Personal Storage Lockers-FAQ
How well can health club personal storage lockers withstand heavy usage? All lines are designed to handle varying degrees of heavy usage.  Our designer line is constructed from particleboard that is covered with heavy plastic laminate.  Cubby lockers are assembled from solid plastic an...

High Quality Plastic Lockers
Made in the USA, these high quality plastic lockers, hands down, are the most durable and vandal resistant lockers material on the market. Conformed from HDPE, high density solid plastic, these lockers are tough, attractive, impervious to moisture, never need painting, resists dents and scratches...

Hockey Lockers
Open access stadium lockers made from treated wood make the best hockey lockers.  They provide all the necessary space for the serious hockey player to store each piece of equipment where it can easily be found and retrieved.  Uniform garments can be hung neatly without havi...

Key Keepers
Key Keepers are surely unheard of unless you’re profession requires specific keys that must be locked up. Secure Realtor key lock boxes are made for one primary reason-that is to keep keys in a safe storage. Most key lock boxes will hold a ring full of keys that allow a...

Key Storage Units
Key Storage Units   Key cabinets, key lockers, and key lock boxes provide a safe and secure place to keep a key for various reasons. If you want a protected area for you to keep your tenant’s keys or if you just want an extra key in case you or your children get locked out of y...

Lenox Solid Plastic Locker with a Mesh Front Door
Our Lenox Solid Plastic Locker with a Mesh Front Door is a durable, attractive locker made to last decades.  These lockers are made from 100% high density plastic or polyethylene (HDPE) and 30% of the total is post-industrial recycled HDPE plastic. They feature an “all-welded” construction that...

Metal School Lockers
Our Metal School Lockers are found all across the country in schools, gyms, hospitals, institutions, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, police stations, homes and offices.   Our standard metal hall lockers are an excellent choice for school students because they are ...

Metal Three Tier Lockers
Our Metal Three Tier Lockers are built from durable sixteen gauge steel and offer a secure storage solution.  As the name implies, these lockers are designed as three lockers stacked vertically. They are found in numerous applications from factories and warehouses to athletic fac...

Modular Cube Lockers
Modular Lockers   Modular lockers are perfect for various locations, including workplaces and schools because they can fit in areas that don’t have the amount of room larger storage lockers require and are easy to install. With different sizes and door options you can customize t...

Modular Lockers with Vented Door
Modular Lockers with Vented Door are economical and versatile lockers that can be used in virtually any storage application. These personal lockers are made of sixteen gauge steel and offer a combination of visibility of locker contents and air flow. Visibility can be important to maint...

One Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal Lockers
One Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal Lockers   Every athlete needs a safe place to store his/her personal items. Vented equipment lockers are ideal in any locker room or gym. They keep the room tidy and give the athlete a personal place to keep their valuables.   Heavy duty m...

Plastic Box Lockers and Locking Accessories
Plastic Box Lockers and Locking Accessories   Plastic box lockers and accessories work well in commercial areas, including airports, bus stations, water parks, and spas. There are many different choices you have that allow you to customize the way customers use the lockers.  The overall ...

Solid Plastic Box Lockers
Solid Plastic Box Lockers have become the preferred locker choice because of their many practical advantages. Lower life cycle costs, greater durability, and greater longevity make these lockers the obvious choice for schools, universities, health clubs, spas, swimming pool facilities, airports, mal...

Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers
Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers are the perfect solution for facilities that suffer from corroded, rusty, dented, and / or vandalized lockers. Why? They are made from 30% - 100% solid HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic that has many advantages over wood, metal, and laminated lockers.  HDPE is...

Solid Plastic Lockers for Water Park Design
Solid plastic lockers are ideal for water park design.  Their rugged construction makes them ideal for the constant stress of heavy traffic areas.  They are made from a solid surface plastic material called HDPE.  HDPE is a nonabsorbent material that blocks odor and resists bacterial ...

Sports Lockers
Sports Lockers, also referred to as stadium lockers or field house lockers, are lockers that are specifically designed for sporting and athletic events.  These lockers provide the users with an impression of the overall facility.  Facility owners and managers want a modern, upscale, and...

Storage Lockers for Water Park Design
Plastic storage lockers are far more suitable for water park design than metal lockers.  Metal has many drawbacks including vulnerability to rough usage, vandalism, and deterioration from rust.  Particularly in coastal areas, metal is not a suitable for a long-term investmen...

Student Cell Phone Lockers for Schools
Student cell phone lockers for schools allow teachers to better manage their classrooms. Smart phones are now so common that students can quickly distract themselves with the Internet if they are allowed to use their phones during class.  Cheating with text messages was prevalent even before...

Two Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal Locker
Two Tier Extra Wide Vented Metal Locker   Everyone could use a safe place to store their valuables. Choosing the right locker depending on the environment and the user needs is necessary and vital to for a number of reasons. Vented metal lockers are ideal in any locker room, gym ...
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