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Products meeting the search criteria
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 Plastic Box Lockers  Plastic Box Lockers
[XPB-LXLOCKER] Tough and attractive 12" Wide Plastic Lockers are constructed of Solid Plastic and 12", 15" and 18" deep configurations. Lockers are secured with 16 gauge stainless steel piano hinge and 12 gauge hasp. Lockers never need painting, resi ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers  Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers
[XPB-LXLOCKER] Solid Plastic Lenox(R) Lockers are durable, tough, attractive and offered in a variety of configurations to fit your layout. Heavy duty solid plastic lockers are available in 12", 15", and 18" wide configurations. Cho ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Lockers - Single Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship  Solid Plastic Lockers - Single Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship
[XPB-SPHDQS1-X] Solid Plastic Lockers for Quick Ship are constructed in 1/2" Thick Solid Plastic and Finished with all Stainless Steel Hardware. Solid Plastic Stock Lockers are 12"Wide by 18" Deep. Units are 72"H and include a 3" Black Vinyl Base for ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Lockers - Six Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship  Solid Plastic Lockers - Six Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship
[XPB-SPHDQS6-X] Solid Plastic Lockers for Quick Ship are constructed in 1/2" Thick Solid Plastic and Finished with all Stainless Steel Hardware. Solid Plastic Stock Lockers are 12"Wide by 18" Deep. Units are 72"H and include a 3" Black Vinyl Base for ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Lockers - Triple Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship  Solid Plastic Lockers - Triple Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship
[XPB-SPHDQS3-X] Solid Plastic Lockers for Quick Ship are constructed in 1/2" Thick Solid Plastic and Finished with all Stainless Steel Hardware. Solid Plastic Stock Lockers are 12"Wide by 18" Deep. Units are 72"H and include a 3" Black Vinyl Base for ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Lockers - Two Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship  Solid Plastic Lockers - Two Tier - Heavy Duty - Quick Ship
[XPB-SPHDQS2-X] Solid Plastic Lockers for Quick Ship are constructed in 1/2" Thick Solid Plastic and Finished with all Stainless Steel Hardware. Solid Plastic Stock Lockers are 12"Wide by 18" Deep. Units are 72"H and include a 3" Black Vinyl Base for ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Open Access Gear Lockers  Solid Plastic Open Access Gear Lockers
[XPB-GL-X] Our Solid Plastic Open Access Gear Lockers are all welded construction and fabricated in durable vandal resistant heavy duty plastic designed to withstand moisture and graffiti. This open access sports locker is ideal for athletic teams, p ...MORE

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 Solid Plastic Shoe Lockers - Eight Tier  Solid Plastic Shoe Lockers - Eight Tier
[XPB-98X68-X] Our Solid Plastic Shoe Lockers are constructed of water resistant high grade plastic that combines strength and durability. These plastic lockers are eight tier with the option of 1 wide or 3 wide units. Available as unassembled or a ...MORE

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 Standard Solid Plastic Lockers- 10 Tier  Standard Solid Plastic Lockers- 10 Tier
[90X68X-X] Our Solid Plastic Ten Tier Lockers are constructed of water resistant high grade plastic that combines strength and durability. These units are 73" high and 18" deep. Available as 1 wide or 3 wide units. They come assembled or ...MORE

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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 

Articles meeting search criteria

Bathroom Partitions
  Commercial Restroom Partitions Bathroom privacy can be one concern that many people share. When using a restroom in a public facility, having the privacy you would normally have at home can be very important to your customers. Luckily, commercial bathroom partitions are available in vario...

Bradley Wash Fountain Designs
Bradley wash fountain designs have earned a reputation for water conservation, superior performance, and multi-user functionality.  In a wide range of applications in many different types of commercial environments, they have proven themselves to be not only viable alternatives to laborator...

Break Room Lockers
Break Room Lockers   Break room lockers are excellent for retail break rooms, commercial and industrial warehouse break rooms, as well as employee and teacher lounges. By giving your employees a safe place to keep their belongings you will increase their satisfaction with the...

Choosing the Right Paper Towel Dispensers
Paper towel dispensers are still used in most public restrooms because users have not gotten comfortable with the idea that hand dryers alone can meet their needs.  In some cases, too, people will run into the restroom to get paper towels to clean up spills that occur in other parts of the b...

Coin Operated Lockers
Coin operated lockers have the dual benefit of restricting locker usage while simultaneously earning expense money for an organization.  These lockers feature solid plastic construction that will not corrode, stands up to heavy usage, never requires repainting, and is highly vandal...

Commercial Lockers with an Optional Locking Coin
Commercial Lockers with an optional Locking Coin feature are fast becoming the ideal solution wherever safe temporary storage for clothing, valuables, retail purchases, and other items is required.  The principle is very simple.  An optional locking coin feature is assembled o...

Commercial Toilet Partitions for Bathroom Privacy
XPB Locker Design carries a full selection pilasters, doors, panels, and hardware that can be customized to any toilet room layout.    Bathroom design specialists can guide architects, facility managers, and contractors in both standard and custom partition layout configurations.&n...

Employee Dressing Room Lockers
Employee dressing room lockers must be able to store both equipment and clothing.   They must also be super resilient.  This is because they are often installed in Industrial work areas where environmental conditions are far from ideal.  Protective gear, speci...

Employee Lockers
Employee Lockers   Employee lockers are made to provide your staff with a safe and secure place to store their belongings when working. With the many different design and size choices you can select which works best for your employees. Whether they will need to store a uniform ...

Employee Lockers for Factory Restroom Design
Architects can choose from a number of plastic employee lockers for factory restroom design.  Plastic is recommended over metal because of its superior longevity.  In most factory environments, there are all sorts of airborne agents that will corrode metal.  Many factories are also...

Floor Mount and Riser Mount Stadium Seats
Our Floor Mount and Riser Mount Stadium Seats utilize the latest design ideas and technologies.  The new state of the art standard is a solid, no-break, lightweight, high-impact polypropylene seat. They are ergonomically engineered and designed to be simple and attractive. These seats have mult...

Green Commercial Products
Green Products | Planet Saving Materials   With the planet’s natural resources becoming a growing concern, it only seems fair to try and save as much water, energy, gas, and oil as possible. We have various products that reduce the amount of resources it takes for them to operate, such as aut...

Green Locker Room
The Green Locker Room includes many modern developments that provide an environmentally friendly, attractive and economical experience for the user.  These modern developments have improved the environment and the lives of everyone and include Plastic Shower Partitions, Plastic Lockers, Plastic...

Gym and Spa Lockers
Gym and Spa Lockers   Gym and spa lockers are something that people require in order to have their belongings safe and secure while they’re busy working out or getting pampered. There are numerous designs to choose from when looking for a gym or spa locker for your establishmen...

Health Club Personal Storage Lockers-FAQ
How well can health club personal storage lockers withstand heavy usage? All lines are designed to handle varying degrees of heavy usage.  Our designer line is constructed from particleboard that is covered with heavy plastic laminate.  Cubby lockers are assembled from solid plastic an...

High End Designer Bathroom Accessories for Commercial Office Bui
Upscale appeal can be affordably created in any commercial office building restroom by installing high end bathroom accessories.  The new Diplomat™ series by Bradley Corporation feature a dual-curve geometry that generates an expansive effect on surrounding space. The superior aesthetic is b...

High Quality Plastic Lockers
Made in the USA, these high quality plastic lockers, hands down, are the most durable and vandal resistant lockers material on the market. Conformed from HDPE, high density solid plastic, these lockers are tough, attractive, impervious to moisture, never need painting, resists dents and scratches...

How do you Save Wall Space in Retail Bathrooms?
Most retail bathrooms attempt to save wall space by installing smaller lavatories in order to leave plenty of room for stalls and urinals.  Urinals cannot be located too near the vanity area, so a certain amount of wall space is sacrificed in order to provide an acceptable level of comfort.&...

How to Increase Privacy in Airport Restrooms
In recent years, questions about privacy in airport restrooms have made their way into the news.  Whether or not privacy is truly lacking in many airport facilities is not the point of this article.  Rather, we wish to address the very real perception that many people have that toilet s...

Industrial Stainless Steel Unbreakable Security Mirrors
Industrial stainless steel unbreakable security mirrors are characterized by quality reflectivity and vandal resistance.  They add value by creating a safer restroom environment in high-risk facilities where troubled individuals may act out by attempting to break restroom fixtures.  Thi...

Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers
Lenox Solid Plastic Gear Lockers have become one of the most popular sports lockers on the market. These lockers offer a unique design and construction and boast seven approved patents and several others pending. These plastic lockers can be found in numerous locations including high schools, uni...

Lenox Solid Plastic Locker with a Mesh Front Door
Our Lenox Solid Plastic Locker with a Mesh Front Door is a durable, attractive locker made to last decades.  These lockers are made from 100% high density plastic or polyethylene (HDPE) and 30% of the total is post-industrial recycled HDPE plastic. They feature an “all-welded” construction that...

Lenox Solid Plastic One Tier Lockers
Lenox Solid Plastic One Tier Lockers are becoming the standard in the locker market. These lockers have many features and advantages that traditional metal or wood lockers do not possess. These plastic lockers stand either sixty or seventy-two inches in height and are a single tier or one level. The...

Metal Toilet Partitions for Commercial Restrooms
Metal toilet partitions for commercial restrooms will compliment many different bathroom interiors.  Stainless steel features a look that could be described as a curious blend of the minimalist and the chic.  As such, it can lend itself to both formal and modern interior design styles.&...

New Accessories for Hospital Bathrooms
New accessories for hospital bathrooms improve patient care facilities and visitor waiting areas in a number of ways.  They reduce the risk of disease transmission with touch free operability.  Some also improve overall safety, even in the event of breakage.  Sanitation also improv...

Plastic and Metal Employee Lockers
Virtually every type of business that stores belongings or supplies needs plastic or metal employee lockers.  Units are available in both plastic and metal, feature many ergonomic options which can be built into their design, and come in a wide spectrum of colors.   This broad ran...

Plastic Box Lockers and Locking Accessories
Plastic Box Lockers and Locking Accessories   Plastic box lockers and accessories work well in commercial areas, including airports, bus stations, water parks, and spas. There are many different choices you have that allow you to customize the way customers use the lockers.  The overall ...

Plastic Lockers
Plastic Lockers Facilities that have used metal lockers in the past may find that they have to replace them after a period of time from corrosion or rust. Today, plastic lockers are available and are perfectly designed for areas that are high in humidity. Wet or sweaty clothes can easily cause warp...

Shoe Lockers
Shoe lockers are needed in more places than people may realize.  Many work environments require people to wear protective footgear while they are engaged in challenging labor.  Many recreational environments may also require a change of footwear.  Homeowners often need these locker...

Solid Plastic Box Lockers
Solid Plastic Box Lockers have become the preferred locker choice because of their many practical advantages. Lower life cycle costs, greater durability, and greater longevity make these lockers the obvious choice for schools, universities, health clubs, spas, swimming pool facilities, airports, mal...

Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers
Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers are the perfect solution for facilities that suffer from corroded, rusty, dented, and / or vandalized lockers. Why? They are made from 30% - 100% solid HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic that has many advantages over wood, metal, and laminated lockers.  HDPE is...

Solid Plastic Lockers for Water Park Design
Solid plastic lockers are ideal for water park design.  Their rugged construction makes them ideal for the constant stress of heavy traffic areas.  They are made from a solid surface plastic material called HDPE.  HDPE is a nonabsorbent material that blocks odor and resists bacterial ...

Sports Lockers
Sports Lockers, also referred to as stadium lockers or field house lockers, are lockers that are specifically designed for sporting and athletic events.  These lockers provide the users with an impression of the overall facility.  Facility owners and managers want a modern, upscale, and...

Sports Lockers for Organizing Athletic Equipment
True to our name, XPB Locker Supply carries a complete inventory of sports lockers for organizing athletic equipment.  Several lines of metal lockers represent affordable, basic storage that can be installed in any type of facility.  Open access lockers offer athletes plenty of room for...

Storage Lockers for Water Park Design
Plastic storage lockers are far more suitable for water park design than metal lockers.  Metal has many drawbacks including vulnerability to rough usage, vandalism, and deterioration from rust.  Particularly in coastal areas, metal is not a suitable for a long-term investmen...

Swimming Pool Lockers
Swimming pool lockers are made from solid plastic.  They offer a level of attraction that compliments a range of interior designs, and a rugged construction that can withstand heavy usage in high traffic areas.  Plastic lockers are also vandal resistant for a number of reasons...

Toilet Dividers for Commercial Public Restrooms
Toilet dividers for commercial public restrooms allow architects to enhance building appeal with more attractive restroom designs.  New, improved materials allow facility managers to build stalls that withstand the demands of heavy traffic and feature a higher level of vandal resistance than...

Uniform Lockers
Uniform Lockers   Uniform lockers have been created to give employees a space that has good air circulation in order to air out the clothing they store when not in use. There are various designs and sizes to choose from so you can customize your order while keeping in mind the ...

Wardrobe Lockers
Wardrobe lockers are offered in a multitude of Materials to conform to configurations designed to fit into new and existing floor plans. These Wardrobe style lockers are most popular with institutions and companies such as Fire Stations, Police Stations, Health Spas, Warehouses, Hospitals and Locker...

Where Can Bradley Lennox Lockers be Used?
Bradley Lenox lockers can be used in a variety of facility types.  Their solid plastic design makes them durable, low-maintenance, and vandal resistant.  Public athletic facilities, academic environments, and municipal service facilities have found them to offer a number of advantages o...
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