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Aquatic Washroom Partitions

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Aquatic-Bathroom-PartitionsPlease define aquatic partitions

Aquatic washroom partitions are needed in high humidity restrooms where fixtures, accessories, and panels may also come into frequent, direct contact with water.  Such bathrooms are commonly found in various types of pool centers.  Larger secondary schools build natatoriums for their high school swim team.  Many civic centers, as well, build swimming pools for community residents and install restrooms near the pool.  Larger apartment complexes are now building pool houses to support multiple pools onsite, and community centers in private subdivisions often have a pool and a pool house for residents and guests.


What is the biggest problem found in aquatic restroom design?

The biggest challenge for pool center restroom products comes in the form of frequent, direct contact with water.  Panels, doors, and pilasters are often used by swimmers to hang wet swim clothes after they exit the pool to change back into their day clothes.  There are a number of popular materials, such as baked enamel and stainless steel that will eventually suffer deterioration from constant exposure to wet clothing.  We also have to consider the risk of vandalism when we install aquatic washroom partitions.  Because most pool centers are open to people of all ages, they do occasionally attract malcontents who feel it necessary to damage the property of others.  If this occurs, aquatic washroom partitions should be cost effective to repair by existing maintenance staff.


What partitions best address these issues?Solid-Plastic-Aquatic-Bathroom-Partitions

We have found that two materials in particular fulfill these basic requirements.  Both offer specific advantages to organizations looking to install bathrooms near swimming pools. 


Solid plastic offers a durable option that is easy to repair if it suffers any damage.  Phenolic core is also a highly impervious substance, being very difficult to scratch, and also being resistant to oil and bacteria as well as water resistant. 


Phenolic core aquatic bathroom partitions are GREENGUARD Certified because phenolic is a low emitting material.  Because it is also bacterial and oil resistant, partitions made from phenolic core can also be used to construct showers.  While they are more expensive than solid plastic, they are preferred by facilities where hygiene is a paramount consideration.  They are difficult to damage, but also rather costly to repair if they are vandalized.  Generally they are located in very large facilities with sufficient budget to cover the cost of repairs or replacements, or with sufficient security to minimize the risk of intentional harm to materials.  


Bathroom-Partitions-For-Aquatic-FacilitiesSolid plastic panels offer a less expensive alternative to phenolic core.  Typically they are preferred by smaller businesses and schools with a conservative budget.  Plastic is almost as difficult to damage as phenolic, making it sufficiently vandal resistant for most low traffic restrooms.  However, if it is vandalized, the very constitution of plastic makes it affordable to repair.  It is not painted, but is rather contiguously colored throughout.  Mars, scratches, and cuts can be fixed with a simple heat gun and similarly plastic material that can be melted into the damaged area and smoothed over. 

This article was published on Thursday 03 July, 2014.

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