Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teakwood Furniture

1) Do you reforest the areas where you harvest your teak trees?

Yes, absolutely. We only deal with properly managed, reforested, and sustainable forests. We want to leave the forest better than when we arrived and for that reason we insist that five new seeds are planted for every tree that we cut.

2) Why is Teakwood furniture usually more expensive than other hardwood furniture?

There are other hardwoods used for outdoor (and indoor) furniture and they are cheaper and inferior to teakwood. These other hardwoods do not have the same life expectancy as teak and they don’t have the same touch, feel, or aesthetic quality as teakwood.

3) Will teakwood furniture warp when it is left outside in harsh weather?

Quality teakwood furniture that has been properly kiln-dried will withstand the harshest outdoor weather for a lifetime and will not warp. This is one of the key characteristics of teakwood in addition to its beauty.


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