Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers

1) What is HDPE and what are its advantages in the Solid Plastic Lenox Lockers?

HDPE is 100% post-consumer recycled / reused milk jugs and it has some unique advantages over other materials used in locker construction. It will not rust or corrode and is extremely impact resistant. Its durability makes it virtually indestructible and its color is uniform throughout the material.

2) What quality makes the Solid Plastic Lenox Locker graffiti resistant?

Paint, ink and other similar materials simply do not adhere well to the locker material, HDPE. Therefore the graffiti can be cleaned relatively easily with a cleaner.

3) Will the color of the Solid Plastic Lenox Locker fade?

The color will fade if exposed to direct sunlight. However, it will not fade in most applications which are indoors.

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