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Floor Mounted Over Head Braced Partitions

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Have you ever walked into a public restroom and noticed the necessity there is for restroom partitions? Probably not. Most people walk into a restroom and expect partitions to give people privacy. Privacy can be a problem when restroom stalls aren’t mounted correctly or stall doors don’t lock. Floor mounted restroom partitions are easy to install and maintain peoples privacy.


Restroom partitions have been around since the days of Queen Elizabeth I. Interestingly enough, the partition itself was assembled coincidentally. The Queen herself was a very private lady and exceeded to hire people that would protect and advise her on maintaining her privacy. Thus, in 1596 when John Harrington was asked to assemble some type of commode for the Queen it was actually done in a water closet. The toilet itself was flushable in that pouring water down the toilet would force anything down the pipe. But, the lever that we push today was not invented until much later. The closet had already provided the Queen with a sense of privacy so Harrington assembled a toilet-like piece in the closet. Only the Queen would be able to use it. Due to the water closets’ hidden door, the only one who knew about it was the Queen and her direct maidens.


200 years past without anyone ever knowing what a toilet was. The Queen had hidden the fact that she even had a private restroom to maintain privacy.  Like animals, people would use the restroom in front of others knowing they would be seen. Some cities across Europe offered a room where multiple people can urinate or defficate into. In In colonial days, toilets still weren’t called toilets at all. Many referred to the restroom as the “washroom”, “powder room”, or not referred to at all. A sense of humiliation was felt if one was talking about a place such as a restroom. In the “old west” toilets were reformed by a man named John Crapper. As an accredited plumber, he found ways that the toilet could flush by pulling a chain above opening a water source. It was up to the public to figure out ways to make the toilet and using the restroom more private. In time, a partition such as shutters or just standing walls would give multiple people using the restroom privacy on their own. Remember, this was still the time that a woman and a man could use the restroom at the same time only divided by a thin wall or some sort of partition. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1800’s that it was found necessary to have a womens and mens restrooms separate.


Today, you will find the necessity for a partition in public restrooms. Like the colonial times, the once shutter is now a locking door and the thin walls are now even and stable partitions. A floor mounted partition is mounted to the floor with an overhead support bracket. Coat hooks, door bumpers, and door pulls are provided in a Zamac material with satin finish on each door. Each door is also predrilled allowing for easy installment that saves time. All hardware is made out of heavy duty aluminum. This type of partition can be mounted to a concrete floor. This type of partition is easily installed and a necessity to any public restroom.

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This article was published on Friday 28 August, 2009.

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