Electric hand dryers need to be in any new restroom design and also in any restroom remodel.  They are far more environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long run than paper towels.

Hands free dryers are also more sanitary as well because they can be operated without touching anything.

The most popular lines now are the completely automatic, surface mounted dryers.  These are the most sanitary and efficient models we carry.  They are completely sterile in that you do not have to push a button to operate them.  There is no spread of germs this way.

These surface-mounted, automatic electric hand dryers are also ADA compliant.  Places like public squares, schools, airports, and malls use them because they are easy for disabled persons to identify and access.

Speed settings can be altered so children, senior adults, people with disabilities, and people with sensitive hands can dry their hands in comfort.   In places like restaurants, libraries, and doctor’s offices where people of all age groups use the restroom, this is an added convenience.

Electric hand dryers are also eco-friendly thanks to their complete elimination of the need for any paper products whatsoever.  This reduces the need for raw timber, and it also reduces the amount of waste that will have to be later disposed of in landfills.

Cleaning crews have to spend far less time cleaning a restroom when there are no paper towels in the trash, and where the appliances have not been touched by fingerprints.

Automatic electric hand dryers they only operate when needed.  The newest lines are now so efficient that they will dry hands three times faster than preceding lines and use only 20 percent as much energy.

New designs are also much more than previous generations.  Even at the highest speed, the sound is comfortable, not overwhelming.

There are also portable models fitted with a UL plug.  Each unit has the option to be hardwired to any restroom wall.

Other hand dryer options include a wide range of cover options so architects can match interior décor.

These cover options include porcelain, stainless steel with a satin finish, and steel with a whit epoxy finish.

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