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Safe Smoker Cigarette SnufferCigarette Snuffers

Snuffers are highly attractive cigarette butt receptacles whose very design contributes to a highly sanitary and clean air environment around any building.  This is because the bottom of the snuffer, which is shaped like an urn-like bowl, can hold a very large amount of ash and butts. 


The long, slender neck into which the butts are deposited restricts oxygen to the base, so the cigarette burns out almost immediately when it is deposited in the receptacle.


Snuffer cigarette butt receptacles come in a variety of colors to match building exteriors and landscape themes.  They are made of polyethylene and are coated with ultraviolet inhibitors and flame retardant additives.  This makes them perfect for locations in the hot sun, and resistant to discoloration from sunlight.


Office parks discretely locate them away from major building entrances to direct smokers away from clients and other employees.  Parks place them near benches where they look like part of the outdoor décor.  Retailers set them up near columns and sidewalk corners to add vertical impact to walkways.


Cigarette Urns

Cigarette urns are metal cigarette butt receptacles that are somewhat similar to cigarette snuffers.  The key difference lies in the design of the base.  Whereas the snuffer has a very wide base that curves inward toward the bottom of the tubular top piece, the urn has a base with a larger top and smaller bottom. 


This helps trap any smoke that escapes from a discarded butt that is still burning.  The tubular top piece restricts airflow to quickly extinguish the butt.


While not as colorful as snuffers, cigarette urns still can contribute a very unique aesthetic to corporate landscapes.  The symmetrical simplicity of their design, and the color of the dark metal, blends well with modern and contemporary landscaping themes. 


Smokers Pole

The smokers pole cigarette butt receptacle is nothing more than a tube into which butts areSmoker Pole deposited.  Many organizations prefer poles because these devices look like decorative bollards and are not easily identifiable as cigarette disposal tools. 


While it may seem strange that an organization would want to disguise a cigarette butt disposal device, it makes sense when we consider that many organizations have strong values that discourage the practice of smoking. 


Hospitals, for example, would never want to be perceived as condoning tobacco use of any kind.  However, they are realistic enough to know that many people visiting loved ones in the hospital go outside for breaks and smoke in seating areas and sidewalk corners.  It is better to give these people a place to dispose of their cigarettes than to have them litter the ground and pollute the environment.


Churches also invest in smoker poles for similar reasons.


Diamond Ash Urn


Cylindrical Cigarette Butt Receptacles

An even more low-profile disposal tool is a cigarette urn that looks like a trash can.  In outdoor shopping centers and family theme parks, these weather resistant disposal devices provide smokers with a sanitary way of snuffing out cigarettes in sand.  Meanwhile, non-smokers fail to even notice these trash-can look-alikes, which again promote a smoke-free standard to the general public.


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    Cigarette Snuffers
    Cigarette snuffers create a much more presentable and sanitary outdoor environment anywhere they are placed. Cigarette butts on the ground immediately disappear from areas near building entrances and outdoor waiting areas.
    Published: Wednesday 29 September, 2010
    Cigarette Urns
    Cigarette urns have helped scores of businesses maintain a more presentable and sanitary outdoor environment. They keep building entrances and outdoor waiting areas free from cigarette litter. Organizations that rely upon them include office parks, retail shopping centers, public parks, municipal ...
    Published: Wednesday 22 September, 2010
    Smokers Pole
    Many people who smoke may know that there are several varieties of ashtrays to extinguish their cigarettes. In public, many of these ash receptacles tend to look cheap or unprofessional and make an area look dirty or undesirable. Today smokers can use the convenience that the smoker’s pole offers to...
    Published: Friday 15 January, 2010
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