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Archive for March, 2012

Commercial Restroom Fixtures

March 9th, 2012 by

Do you sell commercial restroom fixtures for ADA compliant commercial bathroom design?

Yes.  We sell commercial sinks, commercial lavatories, and industrial lavatories and sinks that will meet with all codes that regulate handicapped restroom design.  A variety of toilet partition configurations allow stalls to be constructed that will accommodate any new build out or remodel.  We also have barrier free ADA showers if you are building a restroom that includes shower facilities.  Partition mounted and shower mounted grab bars are also available in our selection. 

Do you have any Division 22 commercial restroom fixtures that will save our clients on water usage?

Yes.  We recommend wash fountains for this purpose.  We have a number of models that will handle anywhere from 3 to 8 users.  These multi-user commercial bathroom fixtures have water flow and water shut off mechanisms.  They also save water by using only a single plumbing source to accommodate several people at a time.  This proves very cost effective in many remodeling projects that can drastically cut cost by not having to install new pipes.  We have corner mounts, wall mounts, and floor mounted wash fountain too that will accommodate any floor plan.    

Do you have security commercial restroom fixtures for jails and prisons?

Yes.  We have toilet sink combination units for jail cells and prison cells.  There are also a number of security shower options you can choose from.  Visit our articles on Antiligature products and security products for more information. 

What commercial restroom fixtures are good for restaurants and hospitals?

You should look into are faucets, wash fountains, and paper towel dispensers that feature a variety of sensor activated controls.  With these controls, users never have to touch surfaces.  Also, new material such as Terreon®, make it very easy for your crews to keep the lavatory area clean at all times.  Terreon® is also super vandal resistant.  Of course, we also have stainless steel sinks and stainless steel partitions, which have always been a mainstay in hygienic environments. 

What types of environmentally friendly Division 10 products do you sell?

One of the most important new lines of commercial restroom fixtures that we carry are a number of electric hand dryers.  They are far more effective than the old hand dryers of previous decades.  These new models remove dry the hands in only seconds and are very comfortable to users.  One of our products, the Xlerator, is Energy Star rated as well.

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Commercial Steel Park Outdoor Trash Cans

March 2nd, 2012 by

What size trash containers do you sell?

We sell everything from small to heavy duty commercial steel park outdoor trash cans.  The smallest feature a blend of metal and concrete panel construction.  They are rectangular in shape, and they range from small to medium volume in size.  Larger, heavy duty models are available in 22 gallon and 32 gallon models.  The largest trash receptacles that we sell are 45 gallon and 55 gallon models that feature a very basic design and are very affordable to organizations, such as retail stores, with limited budgets and high customer traffic.

Are commercial steel park outdoor trash cans corrosion resistant?

Yes.  They are built from galvanized, corrosion resistant steel.  The larger models also have an additional protective coating of a proprietary substance known as Thermoplastic®.  It is both UV resistant and vandal resistant.  It will retain its color, even after long periods of exposure to direct sunlight.  Airborne pollutants can be wiped off of its surface because it is also moisture resistant.  It takes a good deal of deliberate pressure to cut.  If this happens, a maintenance worker can easily repair it with a heat gun without having to place a special service call at needless, additional expense.

Do you have any commercial steel park outdoor trash cans that can be used indoors as well as outdoors?

Yes.  The largest models that we sell look much like you would conceptualize a typical trash can looking like.  They are made from 9 gauge heavy duty steel and can be moved inside for both use and safe storage.  They are the least expensive models that we sell, too.  If you are on a tight budget, but still have heavy traffic in your facility, you can accommodate a large customer expense with marginal front-end costs.

Do you have fire resistant commercial steel park outdoor trash cans?

Yes.  If you are planning to install outdoor grills in a civic center commons, apartment complex, or public park of any kind, you need a hot ash receptacle.  This container has a sturdy steel frame and concrete walls.  There are steel bars at the top that prevent people from inadvertently reaching into the container where coals and ash still burn.  This is an excellent way to prevent not only a fire in the trash can, but also on the grounds themselves.

How many color options do you have?

We have 16 colors options for most commercial steel park outdoor trash cans.

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