Somewhere, there is a commercial shower enclosure ideal for your locker rooms, bathrooms, beaches, or park.  Installing a shower facility in a business gives your employees the chance to clean up after working all day around particularly hazardous materials.  It also contributes to personal hygiene in prisons, schools, and public rest areas.  Even outdoor areas like parks and public swimming pools are now providing multi-user showers as a courtesy to clients and guests.

The nature and size of a shower will depend on configuration of the shower fixtures.  Some stalls are made for only one persons.  Others are meant for several people at a time, divided by privacy screen and shielded by shower curtains.

Semi-Circular Commercial Showers

These facilities ship completely fully assembled with all necessary hardware for a quick installation.  You only need to hook the facility up to your indoor plumbing.  Models can be purchased online that have either 2 or  3 individual shower heads.

Circular Commercial Shower Enclosures

The size and type of shower stall you need depends on the way you use the shower.  Many stalls are made for single persons.  Others have been designed for multiple person use.  Regardless, any shower stall you buy ships pre-assembled with everything, including shower curtains, included.

There are private multi-stall showers, and there are public multi-stall showers.

Private showers are ideal for employee and gym locker rooms.  Beach showers are made to be utilized by people wearing swimsuits, so privacy is not a concern.

Semi-Circular Commercial Showers

This facility ships fully assembled with all the hardware necessary for a quick installation.  Simply connect the multi-user facility to building plumbing and it is ready for use.  Models are available with both 2 and 3 individual shower units.

Circular Commercial Shower Enclosure

This is a multi-user shower facility available in models with 2, 3, 4, or 5 individual shower units.  Different size facilities are also available so architects can match the interior with multiple layers of life.  Because of this, such a shower offers optional  positioned in a variety of locations within a room.  Installation requires only connect the fully assembled facility to indoor plumbing.

Beach Column Shower Stalls

Beach commercial shower enclosures are made for outdoor use.  Typical beach showers are normally used by people wearing swim trunks and don’t need privacy stalls.  However, other facilities want to offer people the same privacy as an indoor shower.

There are ways to have a private shower in outdoor environments.  You can order both semi-circular and circular stalls configured with a foot spray to use as a beach shower or outdoor public park shower with full privacy enclosures.

Locker Room Commercial Shower Enclosures

Our showers for locker rooms are meant to be efficient, multi-unit space savers.  This is far more practical than a row of standalone single user showers, and it is ideal for public restrooms as well as locker rooms.

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