Postal boxes are privately managed, personal mailboxes.  They are similar to P.O. Boxes, but they offer you several clear advantages over what you get at the Post Office

One advantage you get is a physical street address that appears much more professional than a P.O. Box number.

People often judge a business negatively if it lacks a physical address.   If you operate your business from a private mail business, you have more much credibility than you would gain working from a spare room in your home.  An enhanced corporate image allows you to later grow and expand your business into an office space should need ever arise. 

Postal boxes give users 24-hour access to their mail.

Commercial mail centers are usually divided into two sections.  The rear of the business contains the service counter and copy machines, which are sealed off and locked down after business hours.  In the front of the business, there are cluster mailboxes available to anyone with a front door key and mailbox key.

This type of layout lets a commercial mail center maintain secure premises while simultaneously providing 24/7 access to mail any time a person needs to come and get it.  Mail slots are often placed near the mailbox units so people can drop off outgoing mail after hours.

People can count on their mail not getting lost and always remaining secure in a postal box environment.

If a mailbox fills to full capacity, the commercial mail center can collect the overflow and organize it until pickup.  Everything remains confidential until the user arrives.  To be fair, many Post Offices will attempt to do the same thing, but they are often so busy with other tasks that things can and do get lost in the shuffle.

When a package is too large for a postal box, the commercial mail center can hold the package for pickup.

There is always a much better chance of something arriving intact and not getting lost when it is handled by a smaller organization dedicated to satisfying the expectations of a relatively small number of customers.  There is less to keep up with and a lower margin for mistakes.   Many commercial mail facilities also will notify clients anytime something arrives.

XPB Lockers sells postal boxes in cluster formation.  Clusters consist of anywhere from 8 to 30 individual mailbox units to accommodate the varying sizes and natures of private mail service centers from coast to coast.

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