Next to toilets and sinks restroom dividers are the most important things you can install in a restroom.

When people walk into a public restroom, they want to have the same level of privacy that they enjoy at home.   People will always choose a facility that offers them privacy over one that does not.  This can be very bad for businesses.

Every place you go has restroom dividers.  They are found in far more than commercial bathrooms.  Public parks, country clubs, stadiums, retail outlet malls, movie theatres are five examples of thousands of facility types that provide public bathrooms to clients and visitors.

Because there are so many types of industries that have public restrooms, and because there are so many different types of bathroom interiors, Bradley commercial partitions are made so that they can be mounted in four different ways.

Ceiling hung restroom dividers are used to conserve floor space in small restrooms.  In restrooms with low ceilings, floor mounted partitions are used to conserve space in the upper vertical cube.  The sturdiest partition walls are floor mounted and braced at the ceiling, while floor and ceiling hung partitions are a cost effective, near equivalent to floor mounted, ceiling braced models.

In addition to the four ways to mount restroom dividers, there are four different materials from which partitions are built.  There are powder coated metal partitions, stainless steel partitions, solid plastic partitions, and phenolic partitions.

Powder coated metal commercial bathroom partitions are the easiest to install, and they are the least expensive as well.  Stainless steel is more expensive of course, and it is more attractive.  It is the by nature vandal resistant and super hygienic too, so it is the preferred material of health care facilities that can afford it.

Plastic is low maintenance, vandal resistant, and graffiti resistant.  It is also water resistant and ideal for hot, humid climates.  Phenolic restroom dividers act much like plastic.  However, in addition to being water resistant, they are oil and bacteria resistant too.  They can be used for showers partitions, and they are easy to clean.

Restroom dividers can be customized to accommodate the dimensions and special needs of individual restroom facilities.  ADA compliant units are available so full handicapped accessibility is guaranteed in the restroom.

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