The latest and greatest commercial bathroom lavatory system available through XPB Locker is the Bradley Terreon® Imperial Wall-Mount Lavatory.

It is popular for several reasons, chief of which is its full compliance with ADA, ANSI, AND UFAS.  It is also very vandal resistant due to Terreon’s composition.  It resists staining, burning, and impacts.  In the event that it is ever damaged,it is cost effective and easy to repair with normal maintenance tools.

Other Bradley commercial bathroom lavatory systems offer benefits that specifically address plumbing and architectural requirements for eco-friendliness, ergonomics, and user friendliness.

Bradley commercial bathroom lavatory systems are highly efficient when it comes to space utilization.  These sinks, although smaller than many china models, are capable of doing much more.  They are easier to clean and maintain due to the superior grade of the materials used to build them, and due to the highly ergonomic design they offer.

Sinks include everything from stainless steel soap dispensers to photovoltaic sensors that activate water streams.  The user never has to touch the fixture.  This is a much more sanitary system than fixtures that require manual operation.  The risk of contagious germs being spread is greatly reduced by a touch free system.

There is also an environmental benefit attached to this design.  By using only the necessary amount of water, the system minimizes waste water.  Any company seeking to improve its environmental campaign can point to this product as a green line item on its invoice.

Photovoltaic technology does not require electrical wiring or batteries.  Instead, it stores light in the form of energy and releases that energy upon activation.

Another important benefit for architects and plumbers is user friendliness.  Practically speaking, the usability of a commercial bathroom lavatory system is directly contingent on accessibility and comfort.  Not only does this relate to customer courtesy, but it is now a matter of code compliance.

Bradley commercial bathroom lavatory systems are designed to be fully compliant with all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) codes, and TSA codes.

Many of the models that we sell offer water flow controls that let the user to choose the manner in which they use the sink.  Controls range from infrared hand motion detection, to push button air valve control, to electronic push button activation.  Lavatories will shut off the water automatically 30-45 seconds after use.

Both single and multi-user stations can be purchased for any size organization or facility type.

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