Mail slots are horizontal or vertical slots installed in doors or walls.   You see them mostly in big cities, where buildings are crowded together and there is no room for curbside mailboxes.  Homes use them, businesses use them, and churches use them.  Many smaller duplex and fourplex apartments also install them in unit doors to give residents personal mail service.

The use of horizontal and vertical slots is just as widespread today as it has been in the past.  Their Perhaps their sheer practicality accounts for this fact.

In fact, they have moved far beyond the East Coast, where they were once predominant, and have now become increasingly common in new constructions throughout the nation.  This is because they save on space, which is often restricted even in new subdivisions.

You can choose from three types of mail slots– Deluxe, Standard, or Vertical.

Standard mail slots are made out of brass.  They have a spring-loaded flap so they can be installed in the front of a solid door.  They can also be put into the wall itself.  There is a special on the rear of the slot so it will be flush with the wall.

If you are an architect ordering slots, please get the larger magazine size if possible.  It makes it much easier on the mail carrier.  Also, mail gets folded less when the slot is larger.   Letter size slots should only be used if it is unfeasible to use a larger opening.

Deluxe mail slots are fine, two-piece handcrafted units made out of brass.   They are only available in the large magazine size.  The word MAIL is cast on the flap to make them stylish and easy for mail carriers to find.

They are protected and secured by heavy-duty tamper proof brass bolts secure the front and back frames to each other from the rear.  You can put the deluxe slots in doors or walls as deep as one and seven eighths inches thick.  Deluxe slots are U.S.P.S. approved for mail delivery.

Vertical mail slots can be installed on one side of the door, in a wall, or in the frame of the door itself.   Your decision to use a vertical slot may well be based on cosmetics alone.  That is ok, because they work just as well as magazine sized standards and deluxe slots.

They are much less noticeable, however, and are large enough to accommodate magazines and large envelopes.   Because of their attraction factor, they are mainly used in residences, although many churches may like them as well.

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