You can find any kind of restroom stall in XBP Locker Supply’s inventory.  We offer contractors and architects a wide range of material builds, colors, and mounting options that let you design any size or type of restroom in a school, government office, a hotel, any restaurant, a country clubs, or a bank or a church.

Restroom stalls are made out of materials that will last for many years.  Ideally, a divider should also be as low maintenance as reasonably expected.  Other than normal wear and tear, every toilet compartments should be vandal resistant and impervious to corrosion.  It may be necessary too for it to be hygienic in certain places such as health care facilities.

We know that budget is a major cause of concern for organizations.  We can accommodate you if you are in this position.  Your washroom may not need the most durable material to meet the needs of your client.  If the area is low in traffic, suffers relatively little wear and tear, and experiences little if any vandalism, then helping you choose something that is affordable that works enough to meet specification is what we are all about.

Baked enamel restroom stalls are the cheapest option.

They are built around a two-piece interlocking panel that makes them moisture resistant to prevent panel rust-out.  They last a long time, but they are affordable enough to be within the budget of any church, small office, school, smaller mall, family restaurant, or manufacturing plant.

The next most affordable partitions are plastic laminate dividers.

You can install them in larger offices, movie theaters, factories, larger restaurants, and retail stores.   They block water absorption and resist to graffiti from markers and pens.

Phenolic restroom stalls represent a step up in quality and a move up the price scale.

Phenolic is a resin-impregnated material.  It is heated under high pressure and compressed, then it is covered by a decorative melamine face.  Its surface resists both water absorption and impacts.  It will not delaminate because it is a contiguous substance.  It is not build around a core.  Phenolic is great for any hot, humid environment where vandalism often occurs.  You can also use it for shower stalls, locker rooms, stadium restrooms, roadside parks, truck stops, and private schools.

Buy stainless steel restroom stalls if you are building a restroom in a sterile environment.

Stainless is very aesthetic.  It makes a superb compliment to quality interior design work.  It resists bacteria, which is why we find it in so many hospital and doctor’s room restrooms.  It is more expensive, but well worth it.

The most durable and the most aesthetic restroom stall is fusion granite.  It resists stains and scratching.  We have it in four granite colors and three stainless steel colors.

Fusion granite is very expensive, but apropos to buildings characterized by the fine arts, luxury, or an elite sensibility.  It is truly the best of the best and the most low maintenance partition material of them all.  Use it in an ultra high-end casinos, art gallery, museum, five-star resort, or famous restaurant.

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