What is a storage bench?

It is a bench with 3 built-in storage compartments that function as lockers.

Who would use such a bench?

Any organization where users need to conveniently store items in an area where space is limited.  By storing the item under the seat, the user can easily secure and retrieve it at will without requiring a separate unit for personal storage.  Many park swimming pools, school locker rooms, small public gyms, and offshore drilling companies use these unique and highly utilitarian seats for space conscious organization of personal items.

Where they would use storage benches?

The most common place you see them is in any type of locker room.  Not only does this save on space it saves on money because you don’t have to buy separate lockers.  Also, when you need very safe and private storage, this is a much more convenient way to store things because it is essentially your personal items right under where you are sitting.  It makes getting to things easier, and it makes putting things back easier as well.

What are some things that storage benches are used for?

Swimming pools can use them to provide clean towels and sun block to guests, along with giving guests a place to store clothes while swimming.

Small public gyms provide them for wallet and car key storage, along with space for shoes and clothes while the client is working diligently, worker-bee style, on self improvement.

Offshore drilling companies use these storage compartments to store clean clothes to change into at the end of a shift.  Factories use them for the same thing.

What can you put in a storage bench?

You can store any type of clothing that you can roll or fold.  You can also store shoes, wallets, purses, car keys, flashlights, or even basic first aid kits.  Some companies uses them for toolbox storage as well, which helps prevent the innocuous “borrowing” of tools that often leads to quarrels, name-calling, accusations, shoving matches, fistfights, or any other form of conflict known to diminish overall morale.

How does using a storage bench benefit the user?

It is probably the most convenient way of storing something.  It also gives a person the feeling of knowing that things a clean and safe place.  Any standard combination or key operated padlock can be used to keep the unit secure.  Vandal resistance is a hallmark of the all-welded construction, so these lockers are for all intents and purposes as safe as larger standing units.

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