What are shower cubicles?

They are partitions that create personal space and privacy for individuals taking a shower in a public place.

The most versatile cubicles are those that are floor mounted and overhead braced.  This type of mount allows the cubicles to be placed in either new constructions or remodels without any special flooring or ceiling requirements.   They are vandal resistant and moisture resistant, so they will last for years in even the toughest environments. 

Who would use shower cubicles?

Large mechanical shops and heavy equipment shops provide showers for their workers to clean up in after a long day in the shop.

Chemical plants and refineries provide workers with showers for safety reasons.

Military personnel must shower as a matter of hygiene and discipline

Truck stops and rest areas provide showers for convenience and courtesy, as do camp grounds and parks.

Schools have them in every locker room.

Prisons often use them to provide greater privacy for inmates.

Health Spas provide them as a luxurious amenity for guests.

What they would use shower cubicles?

Taking a shower promote cleanliness and prevents odor.  In areas where people live together in groups, this makes for more pleasant living conditions.  It also minimizes the spread of disease.

Taking a shower after working out also removes infections agents that can cause serious problems if they get into cuts, or work their way under the skin.

Then again, some people just like taking a shower, hot or cold.  Such people will be very happy if you provide them with a place to ease their minds under the water stream.  There is much to be said about therapeutic benefit beyond the practical, especially when it comes to attracting repeat business.

When do people most need shower cubicles?

Athletes need them after practice and games.

Industrial workers need to shower before changing into evening clothes and returning home.  This prevents potentially hazardous agents from following them home.

When anyone wants to clean up before going on to another venture, it makes for a smoother transition into a less stressful environment.

Anyone leaving a gym will sleep better if he or she has a good shower before turning in for bed that night.

How using floor mounted overhead braced shower cubicles would benefit the organization?

You can install them anywhere and keep them clean with relatively little effort.  They will last for years and give you a great return on your investment.

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