You give children a safe, fun place to eat outside when you buy a kids picnic table

Be it a backyard, a patio, a resort, a park, or a mall outdoor food court, you can set up such a table anywhere to create a special eating area just for the kids.

Kids picnic tables are rugged, durable, and very ergonomic.

Each table has an understructure reinforced by black powder coating.  Thermoplastic coating further protects the metal surface.  This makes it rust, corrosion, vandal and weather resistant.

You can choose any one of 16 colors to match your landscaping and architecture.

You can also choose from different types of mounts for kids picnic tables.

You can move the portable ones anyplace you like.  This lets you create space where space is needed, so the kids can have some room do run or play games.  Schools often use portable mounts.  Also, private homeowners like them because they can move them into storage after use.

In public areas with concrete surfaces, a surface mounted table might be better.

Places like theme parks and food courts need to secure their public property.  Surface mounting, which simply means bolted to the concrete, allows organizations to do so.

In really hot parts of the country, you need kids picnic tables with umbrellas.

Keeping the sun off children’s skin greatly reduces their risk of skin cancer as adults.    An umbrella is a great tool for blocking the sun on summer days when kids cannot stand being inside.  It also has the very practical double function of being a rain block on cloudy days.

Kids picnic tables are kid proof.

These outdoor tables are tough and can take the playfulness of children for years.  Thermoplastic coating is highly resistant to scratching and peeling.  When a child does somehow manage to cut it, you can easily reseal the opening with a heat gun.

Tables are also stain resistant.

Thermoplastic is also stain resistant.  When kids try to decorate it with markers, pens, or crayons, or even spray paint, you can easily wipe the surface clean with a standard cleaner and rag.

Kids picnic tables are safe for children as well.

All OF the edges of the table top, sides of the table, legs, and base are rounded so children will not jab or cut themselves.  Seats are wide but low to the ground so kids don’t fall and hurt themselves.

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