Picnic tables have built-in bench seats and come in many sizes and shapes to accommodate practically any indoor or outdoor area.  They can be found everywhere from backyards to mall food courts to national parks.

While wood, plastic, and stone are often used to build tables, XPB Lockers recommends you spend your money on metal picnic tables.  This gives you the best return on your investment when it comes to usability and practicality.  Each table is protected by thermoplastic, which makes the metal even tougher than it naturally is.

Thermoplastic is essentially a special powder that is electrically charged, then applied to the table, which is given the opposing electrical charge. is applied to metal with a combination of electromagnetism and heat.  This magnetically binds the powder to the metal.  Then, the whole structure is superheated, fusing the coating into a coating that resists corrosion, rust, and ultraviolet light.    It is also vandal resistant because if you cut the thermoplastic, you can reseal it by applying a heat gun to the damaged section.

Thermoplastic coated picnic tables are therefore perfect for any heavy traffic area like a mall, a park, a town square, or a retail shopping center.   You can match any architecture and landscape thanks to 16 very  unique color options that range from standard primary colors to special colors like Teal and Granite.

You can also secure these tables by mounting their legs to the surface of a concrete slab or walkway.  Park tables can be mounted inground by setting them in concrete sunken into the ground.  This makes the possibility of theft highly unlikely.

Metal picnic tables come in many designs to accommodate specific environmental applications.  In parks, the rectangular shape seems to work best because most of us still think about the old wooden tables of yesteryear.

Octagon shaped tables are very decorative and look great in theme parks, public gardens, and in back yards behind beautiful custom homes.

Picnic tables for children are round.  Their lack of sharp corners makes them safe for restless kids to bump against as they jostle about in their seats.  This minimizes the risk of injury.  Seats lower to the ground also minimize fall hazards.  We recommend that you install a sun umbrella on a kids table to protect children from sunburn.

Square picnic tables are preferred by the commercial world.  Most office campuses feature modern landscaping.  The basic geometry and right angles of the square are an ideal complement to the strict minimalism of contemporary aesthetics.

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