What type of metal is used to construct metal benches?

Every bench is made of steel in one of six construction styles.  These styles are diamond pattern, expanded metal, perforated metal, rod style, wire style, and welded style.  Most styles feature 11 gauge steel, while the rod style features one half inch steel rods.

What style should I choose?

Since all 6 styles will support the weight of their intended occupants, style plays a greater role here than functionality.  The chief thing to pay attention to is the type of mounting you want.

What types of mounts are available for metal benches?

Portable- a variety of bases can be attached to the legs of benches that will allow you to place them on concrete, wood flooring, or directly to the ground if you wish.  The advantage is you can move them around at will.  The disadvantage is that people can cart them off.

Surface mounted- bolts secure the mounting fixtures, located at the bottom of the bench legs, directly to the concrete.

In-Ground mounted- leg extensions called J-Rods are inserted into holes in the earth filled with concrete, thus securing the bench directly to ground with no concrete surface.

Who would use metal benches?

You see them at entrances to park trails and park headquarters.  People will sit here to relax before going inside, or before they take their next hike up the trail

School playgrounds use them for kids and teachers alike

Most office parks have them in their commercial break areas so people can enjoy the outdoors a bit.

Restaurants use them for outdoor waiting areas.

Most malls and retail strip centers use metal benches to accommodate non-shoppers who are out and about with people who are shoppers.  This helps keep the peace in relationships and family better.

Any type of public transportation center typically must have seating for commuters.  While people are waiting for the next bus or train, exactly what are they going to do if they don’t have a place to sit?  Even some airports now have them in pickup areas beyond the terminals.

How good do metal benches look in relation to their surroundings?

Simply put, they look simply superb.  They are available in 16 colors. Some colors are standard, while others are very unique.  Remember too that there are 6 design styles as well, so not only the color, but the pattern of the metal construction itself can be selected to complement any setting ranging from the traditional and classical all the way up to the modern and contemporary.

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