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Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins

September 3rd, 2017 by

Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins are available in many configurations to service from 3 to 8 users at a time. Configurations are available in these applications:

1) In Corner Wash Fountain

2) Double Station Wall Mount

3) Semi Circular

4) Circular

These industrial hand wash basins are pre-configured with Brass Fittings and meet plumbing code requirements for industrial grade building codes for the USA. Corner applications are the excellent solution where space is limited. Choose from 3 or 4 User configurations, Wall Mount meet small corner areas to large industrial hand stations. Please call us for a free quote on your Industrial Stainless Steel Wash Basins. 


Terreon Wall Mount Lavatories

June 28th, 2017 by

The Terreon Wall Mount Lavatories have all the advantages of the deep bowl Terreon wash fountain material: modern/attractive look, durable and repairable. The granite look and feel of Terreon material camouflages water spots and soap stains. They also come in a juvenile height for elementary school use. As with the deep bowl wash fountains, you can request TerreonRE Multi-Fount wash fountains, which are made of 25% recycled material. The most environmentally friendly deep bowl wash fountain of the bunch is the Terreon Wash Fountain. Click here for more information on heavy duty handwash fountains for industrial use. Click here for more information on Terreon Wall Mount Washfountains.


Durable Washfountains

November 8th, 2016 by

durable-washfountainChoose XPB Locker for durable washfountains that can accommodate multiple users in a limited space. Healthcare facilities, shopping malls, art classrooms and more can benefit from having a multi-station wash fountain. Choose from a wide range of sizes and styles to help find the washfountain that fits your application.

Each wash fountain style that we offer has several different customization choices aside from the bowl materials. We offer four different drain styles; foot, touch-time, air valve metering and infrared water controls (foot operation is standard); a manual or thermostatic mixing valve; liquid, powder or no soap dispenser; C-fold, single-fold or no towel dispenser; and several other options.

XPB Lockers is your source for wash fountains that suit any industry. Give our customer service center a call today at 1-877-483-9270 and learn more about the ways that a wash fountain can help keep your workplace cleaner and more efficient. And check out our online catalog to learn more about the many different wash fountain options that we offer.Request A Quote


Stainless Steel Circular Wash Fountains

September 28th, 2016 by

Stainless-Steel-Circular-Wash-FountainsStainless Steel Circular Wash Fountains are created for heavy duty hand washing. Different styles allow you to choose what works best for your needs. You will find numerous sizes so you’re able to accommodate the amount of people or the space you have for the fountain. With our collection of circular wash fountains you’re sure to find the one you need for your laboratory, kitchen, or other space that requires a lot of hand washing.

Our stainless steel wash fountains are primarily designed for high traffic bathroom areas. Wash fountains have been around long before the sustainability movement because of their ability to maximize the number of hand washers that can be accommodated in a given space. Call XPB Locker for a free quote on your stainless steel circular wash fountains. Request A Quote


Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories

September 7th, 2016 by

Hands-Free-School-Bathroom-LavatoriesOur Hands Free School Bathroom Lavatories are a new and unique concept in lavatory design. This lavatory system combines all of the hand washing activities at a single location.  The water, soap, and hand dryer are all located on or near the bowl area of the lavatory. This bathroom sink is ideal for schools to help eliminate germs. Faucets that can dispense water without touching are far more desired than any “old” style that requires multiple users to touch the levers. These faucets completely eliminate the need to touch any part of the fixture by using infrared technology to activate water flow.

XPB Locker is your source for Hands Free Lavatory Systems that suit any industry. Give our customer service center a call today at 1-877-483-9270 and learn more about the ways that a commercial lavatory can help keep your school or learning center cleaner and more efficient. And check out our online catalog to learn more about the many different wash fountain options that we offer.Request A Quote


Industrial Hand Wash Fountains

August 3rd, 2016 by

Industrial-Hand-Wash-FountainWash fountains are an ideal solution for factories, commercial warehouses, garages, and any other industry where the work is dirty and numerous people need to wash up at the same time without a hassle.If you need a modest-size wash fountain or one that allows several people access at the same time, you can have it. A 36-inch wash fountain accommodates up to five users at the same time. Step up to the larger 54-inch model and eight people can wash up in the same space. Or choose the smaller, wall-hugging Terreon® Tri-Fount Wash Fountain if space is an issue. We have numerous sizes, shapes and materials.

XPB Lockers has wash fountains in stainless steel and decorator Bradstone® Circular Multi-Station Wash Fountains. Stainless is shiny, easy to clean and resists heavy use and vandalism. Bradstone® has attractive stone-like finishes in Carbon and Sandbox, their versions of textured gray or beige. OurTerrazzo® Semi-Circular Wash Fountain is another basin choice that looks great and stands up to heavy use.Request A Quote

XPB Lockers is your source for industrial hand wash fountains that suit any industry. Give our customer service center a call today at 1-877-483-9270 and learn more about the ways that a wash fountain can help keep your workplace cleaner and more efficient. And check out our online catalog to learn more about the many different wash fountain options that we offer.


Designing and Buying Washfountains for Commercial Warehouse Garages

July 25th, 2016 by


Wash fountains or hand wash stations offer several benefits over a traditional sink and faucet configuration. Where a sink is usually limited to a certain number of users, wash fountains can accommodate users all the way around the fixture.

Lower Installation and Operation Costs
In a traditional sink installation, you need an individual water supply and drainage for every fixture. Of course, that’s also true with a wash fountain, but more people can use a fountain at the same time. Fewer fixtures and less plumbing that serve more people equal lower installation costs.

Wash fountains also cost less to operate. Many of them use less water per wash than a traditional sink because water supply valves shut off automatically.Stainless-Steel-Circular-Washfountains

The Washing up Area Stays Cleaner
Unless a sink is oversized, water often finds its way all over every available surface. With a wash fountain alternative, such as our Stainless Steel Circular Multi-Station Wash Fountains, there is no wide countertop ledge, so the whole area around the basin stays cleaner.

The soap dispenser is centrally located above the basin, so any spillage just falls inside the vessel where it’s washed away. And with touchless infrared controls or foot pedals, grimy hands, water drips and soap won’t mess up water control handles. Call XPB foe a free quote on a Stainless Steel Circular Wahfountain.

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Express Commercial Lavatories

March 1st, 2016 by

Express-Commercial-LavatoriesThe Express Series by Bradley features an ADA and TAS compliant design that can service multiple users at a time.  Featuring tankless electric water heaters and touch free controls, this line of custom commercial lavatory decks adds energy saving value with new NDITE technology–a photovoltaic power source that converts ordinary, artificial room lighting into energy.  With no need for wiring to the grid, this self-contained, sustainable lavatory system combines ultimate user comfort with environmental friendliness.

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If you are located in Texas, XPB can measure, design, and install your group hand wash fountain.  Any accessories or replacement parts can be quickly ordered and installed with minimal lead time.  Call us now for more information on commercial bathroom lavatories.


The Verge Lavatory System

February 21st, 2016 by

The-Verge-Lavatory-SystemThe Verge – A Classic Look with New Technology

Bradley’s Verge Series of custom commercial lav decks bring us back to a classic look that transcends any one particular style.  At the same time, Verge moves us forward to a better world with eco-friendly building materials.  Made from Evero natural quartz, the Verge is a superb blend of classic sensibility with cutting edge progress.  Evero is now GREENGUARD Certified as a low-emitting material, adding sustainability to durability with a surface that is ultra tough, ultra chic, and ultra user friendly.

Provide the highest quality option in terms of handwashing with a Bradley Verge Lavatory System from XPB Locker and Restroom Supply. Bradley Verge Sinks come in three different series to provide your commercial restroom with the ultimate customization to meet the needs of your application’s specifications. Call us for a Free Quote 1-877-483-9270. Request A Quote


Custom Commercial Lav Decks

February 10th, 2016 by

Custom-Commercial-Lav-DecksXPB Locker offers a complete selection of today’s most popular custom commercial lav decks.  With an increasing number of facilities being designed with LEED standards in mind, it became necessary for us to stay ahead of the curve with a selection of offerings that deliver sustainability in a stylized design.  Made by top American manufacturers from the finest grade materials, many of these systems offer added value as affordable, low-maintenance accessibility options that make it both easy and affordable to design a commercial restroom with TAS and/or ADA compliance in mind.

The Advocate Series – Maximum Comfort in Minimal Space

With a patent pending, all-in-one design, our Bradley Advocate custom commercial lav decks are made with built-in soap dispensers, faucets, and hand-dryers.  This allows the facility manager to transform an otherwise unusable small wall space into a  highly functional–and highly user-friendly–hand washing station.Request A Quote

Not sure which of these great options to choose?  Send us drawings or pictures of your restroom and call us for a design solution. We offer Free Quotes! Give us a call 1-877-483-9270 for a free quote.