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Outdoor Personalized Perforated Park Benches – A Buyers Guide

November 1st, 2017 by
Custom Outdoor Personalized Metal Park Benches For Sale - Cheap Manufacturer Direct Discount Prices

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches are perfect for any location with heavy traffic requiring industrial-strength seating, schools, parks and recreational facilities, campgrounds, sports complexes and rest areas.

The way that you choose to install your personalized perforated bench will likely vary by its location. And we offer seven different solutions for three levels of permanency. Portable mounting lets you move the bench as needed, and we have two types of portable bench feet. Surface-mount installation works well indoors or some exterior locations, and you have two styles from which to choose. For the most permanent and sturdy installation, which also helps prevent theft, in-ground mounting combines special feet and anchors, often in conjunction with concrete.

Whether your outdoor metal bench is installed in a park or on the sidelines indoors or out, this model gets attention. Integrated into the perforation pattern is a solid steel panel at the center of the backrest. It gives you the perfect canvas for your message, which stands out in a contrasting paint color.

Outdoor Personalized Perforated Benches – FREE Quote 877-483-9270


Personalized U-Leg Metal Benches

August 30th, 2013 by
Multi-Color Personalized U-Leg Metal Bench

Multi-Color Personalized U-Leg Metal Bench


Our Personalized U-Leg Metal Benches add a contemporary flair to your commercial building. This park bench features custom working and logos cut into the metal of the bench. When searching for a sleek and elegant metal bench, it is easy to choose the personalized u-leg metal benches. Click here for more information on personalized u-leg metal benches.Request A Quote


Outdoor Personalized Metal Benches for Advertising and Memorials

February 7th, 2012 by

Outdoor personalized metal benches for advertising and memorials can be used by corporations, small companies, retail centers, and municipalities.  XPB Locker Supply sells benches made from powder coated galvanized steel that is further protected from weathering and vandalism by a layer of Thermoplastic.  Available in 16 colors that include both standard and non-standard hues, benches can be matched to any natural or man-made environment.  Various styles also make it possible to match these benches to historical, traditional, formal, and contemporary architecture. 

Retail establishments can use outdoor personalized metal benches for advertising and memorials can make a great impression on shoppers in outdoor shopping areas.  Placing a bench in front of the store entrance represents a courtesy that a store is willing to provide to tired pedestrians regardless of whether or not they have visited that particular store yet.

A store can mount these benches directly to the concrete sidewalk on either side of its entrance.  If the landlord permits it, benches can also be mounted in public rotundas such as the food court to catch the eye of shoppers from a distance. 

Corporations can use outdoor personalized metal benches for advertising and memorials to promote a number of themes.  Bench backs are large enough to hold far more than the name of a business.  Mission statements, motivational messages, and commemorations to founders can be engraved on the bench back with such clarity that people can read them from several feet away.  

The wide range of colors and designs enables any size company to use bench advertising as a tool that can equal, if not exceed, the power of sign advertising.  Unique colors such as granite will contribute a chic aesthetic to large, corporate campus built with stylish modern architecture.  At the same time, simpler colors and earth tone emulating wood can help small companies accent a basic landscape with trees and shrubs with a down-to-earth look that is often associated with family-owned companies.

Municipalities can use outdoor personalized metal benches for advertising and memorials to help tell the story of their town.  Commemorations to a historical figure can include his or her accomplishments, values, beliefs, and personal vision.  Benches can also be used to commemorate entire groups of individuals whom the town wishes to give a special honor. 

Towns frequently install memorials to soldiers who grew up in the town, and many cities even dedicate public parks to the memories of those who served.  Outdoor personalized metal benches for advertising and memorials are an excellent way to honor the bravery of men and women who have fought in various campaigns over the course of the city’s history. 

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