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Commercial Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions For Sale – Manufacturer Direct Pricing – 100% Made In America

September 23rd, 2017 by
Industrial Grade Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions For Sale In Austin,, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi And Houston, Texas

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Solid Plastic Restroom Partitions for Commercial Use

Solid plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic restroom dividers offer one of the best solutions for high traffic and moist environments. Solid plastic bathroom partitions are impervious to moisture, so they won’t absorb odors, delaminate, rust, or mildew. It goes without saying that solid plastic restroom partitions are absolutely built to take a massive beating, day in and day out. The cost of keeping them in brilliant condition is relatively low due to the simplicity in repair. Maintenance is almost always an easy job given that the material can be hosed down, and is also capable of being burnished in the event of visible cutting or scratching.

Pricing on solid plastic bathroom stalls is considerably higher than powder coated/baked enamel steel and plastic laminate, however, in high moisture and vandal prone areas, HDPE offers years of cost savings due to its strength, resistance to moisture, and low maintenance design. Solid plastic restroom partitions are best suited for health clubs, recreation centers, pools, stadiums, schools, and other high traffic restrooms.

Commercial Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions
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No-Site Bathroom Partitions

May 7th, 2016 by

No-Site-Bathroom-PartitionsPrivacy and convenience has always been the goal for businesses with public restrooms. The No-Site Solid Plastic Partitions Application takes privacy up a notch. XPB Locker and Restroom Supply carries a full selection pilasters, doors, panels, and hardware that can be customized to any toilet room layout.   Some locations call for the extra privacy that’s afforded by our No-Site Bathroom Partitions. In a more traditional commercial bathroom separator, there can be a space along the doors and side panels that’s 1/2 inch wide. With no-site partitions, there is complete privacy because there is no gap.

No-Site partitions are available in floor mounted styles as well as overhead braced and the most durable, which is floor-to-ceiling mounted. Choose from 18 colors pf solid plastic material that complement most design schemes. And if you prefer a more eco-friendly style, toffee and charcoal gray are available in recycled plastic.Request A Quote