When buying restroom dispensers from XPB Locker, you must first know the respective value of surface mounted and recessed mounted fixtures.

A recessed mounted dispenser is going to look better because it sits flush with its surroundings.  Surface mounted partitions stick out more and consume cubic volume.

However, on a practical level, it is very hard to install recessed mounted fixtures in the typical restroom remodel.

The logistics of creating an aperture in which to frame the dispenser can quickly become a nightmare in time and money lost.  Using a surface mounted, or in some cases, semi-recessed mounted unit, is far more practical in 90 percent of the remodel jobs we quote.

Then again, if you are an architect planning a new construction, you can spec out the framing and embedding of recessed mounted dispensers in advance with no complications.

This will make your new facility look chic and top-notch.

XPB Lockers has several categories of restroom dispensers on our website.  Most are intended to perform more than one task for the comfort and convenience of the guest, and for the conservation of money and resource on the part of the organization

Facial Tissue

You need to separate facial tissue from toilet paper to be truly kind to your guests.  You can put a facial tissue dispenser anywhere in a school, hospital, daycare, or commercial building and create an entirely new level of comfort.  You can buy these fixtures in either surface mounted design or recessed design.

Toilet Tissue and Toilet Seat Cover

These restroom dispensers provide toilet paper and toilet seat covers.  You can choose from several different spool configurations, paper control access, and mounting options of recessed, semi-recessed, and full recessed.  Full recessed partition mounts have dispenser units on both sides of a single fixture that resides in a frame within the partition.

Coin Operated Restroom Dispensers Machines for Personal Items

A coin operated vending machine provides men with condoms and women with tampons or sanitary napkins.  Many people like to buy these items in the restroom because of the privacy such a setting affords them.  You can charge people anywhere from 10 cents to one dollar per item, or you can give these personal items away as an added amenity to your spa, changing room, or shower room.    .

Paper Towel and Combo Waste Disposal Units

Combo paper town and waste disposal restroom dispensers eliminate paper towel wastes.  Putting the trash receptacle in the unit eliminates the need for a separate trash can that normally overflows sooner rather than later.

Capacities for paper towel waste disposal range from 3-11 gallons, approximately.  Dispensers can provide single-fold, double-fold, and multi-fold paper towels.

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